How did the lives of the beautiful girls of x-rays from Saransk

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Ability Natalia Demkina from Saransk was discovered in 1997. Natalia was 10 years old.

«I was at home with my mom when I began to see more than usual. I looked at the body of the mother like hell, and told her about the bodies that I saw. I could switch between normal vision of the world and purchased, medical vision. For a split second I begin to look at the human body like x-ray machine, and turn to detailed analysis,» said Natasha.

Mom refused to believe her daughter one. One of them went to visit a family friend. After the departure of the men the girl said about his problems with the intestines. Few weeks from a friend Demkina was diagnosed with syndrome of excessive bacterial growth in the intestine.

Как сложилась жизнь чудесной девочки-рентген из Саранска

Parents wanted to protect his daughter from the annoying attention, but the rumors about Natasha’s abilities spread quickly. The girl began to go to people for «health check».

Without medical training Natasha was successfully determined cysts, tumors, ulcers. When you do not know the names, I described what I saw. Soon another teenager headed doctors, journalists and skeptics.

World attention

The editor of the English newspaper the Sun got a girl-phenomenon to demonstrate ability in January 2004. In London, she was asked to talk about the health reporter Briony warden, who a month earlier was in a car accident. The woman hid all visible traces of injuries.

Here’s how the journalist described the meeting:

«Her pupils dilated, it seemed that for a few minutes she went into a trance. Immediately Natasha revealed I have lower back pain, calling it «lock». In fact, I had four fractures in my spine and nerve damage. She then correctly describe the fractures and pointed out the problem of flexion of the knee joint».

In Britain, the girl visited the TV show «This Morning.» On the transfer of Natalia studied health Dr Chris Styles, who is skeptical of her abilities.

Natasha suggested the health problems of a physician, after which to the eyes of the public man passed a scan of the body of high-tech medical equipment.

The result spectators were amazed, and Chris Styles believed in the extraordinary ability. Without medical knowledge Natalia accurately described disturbances in the body of the doctor.

After leaving the UK Natalia Demkina showed on the Discovery channel in the documentary «the Girl with x-ray eyes». The Committee for skeptical inquiry in the US has caused Natalia to diagnose abilities, which was ambiguous.

Before the girl set the task for 4 hours to determine irregularities in the health of seven volunteers. Natalia was given seven cards with different diagnoses. She correctly identified four. The researchers considered the result of demkino enough to recognize her abilities.

After testing Natalia protested the intolerable conditions of the experiment and psychological pressure. Usually the girl takes people one by one. In the experience of Natalia examined seven people at a time, each of them claimed one of the disease.

As argued by Natalia, after examination, she was not given the medical reports of patients for comparison of performance.

«For example, I didn’t see the metal plate in the head guy. Maybe it was not? In another test I was asked to point to one in seven human beings, whose body is the scar. And there were two women with identical scars, and in one and the same place. But the causes of the origin of these scars were different: one had my Appendix out, and the other one had a surgery.

I mentioned this misunderstanding of the Commission, and they say that I should only point to one person. I freaked out and pointed to the GYN because it is more serious than appendicitis. As for offsetting the fee, it turns out, needed a woman with a scar from appendicitis».

The last overseas test was in Japan. Natalia Demkina invited Professor Yoshio machi, studying the extraordinary abilities of people. The girl immediately asked to take patients one at a time and provide after examination of the medical report.

In Japan, Natalie coped with all tasks, including the diagnosis in the dog.

Как сложилась жизнь чудесной девочки-рентген из Саранска

The girl-roentgen discovered the ability of clairvoyance. The researchers asked to make a diagnosis by photo. To the surprise of scientists, Natalia agreed and identified liver cancer in humans in a small photograph.

PhD from the Centre for the study of man, University of Tokyo applauded Natalia standing. After the experiment, the girl issued a document of confirmation ability.

Natalia graduated from the Moscow medical University. Semashko. Since 2006 he worked at the Center of special diagnostics of the person in Moscow.

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