Holotropic breathing or How you can see their past lives

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How to claim religious and philosophical teachings of the East, the soul of man after death transmigrates from one body to another until it reaches its highest perfection. Only after that ends the cycle of birth and death, and the soul of each individual is merged forever with the World, One. This process of rebirth is called reincarnation.

In the possibility of the existence of human individuality (soul) separate from the body believed, believe and will believe always. Another outstanding German poet Heinrich Heine wrote: «Who knows in what tailor’s body the soul of Plato is, in the body of a schoolteacher — the soul of Caesar? Who knows! Maybe the soul of Pythagoras is now in the body of a poor student who failed the exam because he couldn’t prove the Pythagorean theorem…»

Холотропное дыхание или Как можно увидеть свои прошлые жизни

Some people who have been in a state of clinical death, spoke later about his unusual dreams. Curiously, they were very similar to the wandering souls, «the Tibetan book of the dead.» But is this the only way to «walk» through your past lives?

Fortunately, it turned out that-it does not have to die. It is only necessary to immerse yourself in an altered state of consciousness. This state can be achieved in different ways. One of them is using holotropic breathing. «Holotropic» means «aimed at restoring integrity.»

This immersion into an altered state of consciousness, according to experts, has a beneficial effect on the mental health of the person and relieves many ailments.

For the first time the technique of holotropic breathing was proposed by the famous American researcher, President of the International transpersonal Association (i.e. beyond the individual) psychology, the doctor of medicine Stanislav Groom in the 1970-ies. The method of immersion in an altered state of consciousness through hyperventilation (rapid and deep breathing) has received universal recognition. It is used in many countries around the world.

At a session of holotropic breathing

Холотропное дыхание или Как можно увидеть свои прошлые жизни

Participants in the sessions of holotropic breathing experience feelings similar to memories. Experiences and vision of the people is so clear that they can’t get rid of the sense of reality seen. Is this not proof of the existence of «the past» lives»? No, answers S. Grof, but it is necessary to revise scientific understanding of the human psyche.

Traditional psychology contends that the consciousness of a newborn child is like a blank sheet of paper («tabula Rasa»). Only a year later that will form the cortex of the little man, he is able to remember the events, and the «sheet» appear first record. Everything that happens in the human psyche explain the conscious experiences of life.

A revision of established views on psychology have been engaged in Western countries. For example, a student of the world-famous founder of psychoanalysis, Austrian psychiatrist Sigmund Freud — the eminent Swiss psychologist Carl Gustav Jung created the theory of the collective unconscious that is common to all people. And modern transpersonal psychology believes that on an unconscious level everyone has access to the information accumulated by mankind during the whole history of development.

Peculiar clumps of this information: the archetypes a person can get in an altered state of consciousness. For example, Americans can see the images of Indian gods, even if they did not know about them. Or he realized himself as a different person in one of the ancient civilizations, although did not know about the possibility of previous lives.

One of the authors was fortunate enough to experience an altered state of consciousness under the guidance of professionals involved in holotropic therapy, trained in the United States. Therefore, it is possible to tell about own experience.

In a large empty room 10 people lay on the thick blankets. Beside each sat a sitter (eng. — nurse). This person controls the movement lying, when he is immersed in an altered state of consciousness. Often the person loses control over the body and makes dangerous movements that can cause injury.

«The holotropic breathing session began under the loud unfamiliar music. I closed my eyes and started deep and shallow breathing. First slightly tingled his fingers and toes, then got dizzy, and I feel like I’m somewhere flew. And suddenly I saw myself from the outside. Only a little girl, who was sitting under a tree and watched in the parents together with other peasants in sandals reaped with sickles rye. (My parents never did, and even grandfather lived in St. Petersburg!)

Холотропное дыхание или Как можно увидеть свои прошлые жизни

To work in a field I was very young, and that will not go away, I was tied to a birch. Resoruces from the heat, I fell asleep. And saw that run away, tsokaya heels, from some scary guy, nearly overtaking me in a dark alley. It was clearly Petersburg early XX century. I’m terribly afraid of his pursuer, suffocate from running and almost fall, but at that moment suddenly feel myself lying on the floor in the room where the sounds of loud unfamiliar music…

Where did these experiences? Maybe I really connected to the unified information field of the Earth, which marked the entire history of our planet? And one of the levels of this field is the collective unconscious? But it is possible that it was memories of «past lives».

After this session, almost all participants claimed that their identity has undergone a radical restructuring. They felt themselves to be in harmony with other people, and nature. They were happy, what never to say about yourself. Personally happened to me too change.»

In the group session of holotropic breathing

Холотропное дыхание или Как можно увидеть свои прошлые жизни

Surprisingly, personal restructuring has happened to people and in different circumstances, not related to holotropic breathing. According to the testimony of S. Grof, such mental changes were observed in 11 survivors of suicide (out of thousands) who jumped off the Golden gate bridge in San Francisco.

These people were all diseases, including mental, caused by suicidal attempt. They changed the attitude to life and death, peace and harmony with the surrounding world. Perhaps it was because at the time of the fall seeking oblivion involuntarily experienced an altered state of consciousness, which led to fundamental changes in their psyche.

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