Potions of Longevity from Mechnikov and the pilgrim

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Potions of Longevity from Mechnikov and the pilgrim. In 2013, scientists of Tomsk and Novosibirsk achieved, for reviews of foreign colleagues, is impossible. Developed drug (longevity person) that stimulate the stem cells that has become a real means of rejuvenation of the human body.

Эликсиры Долголетия от Мечникова и Богомольца

And what is no doubt even the inveterate skeptics, in the near future, this will significantly prolong life, according to the most cautious forecasts until 100, 150 years. In this case, the drug in the form of tablets or injections, dubbed the G5, the price will be affordable even to people with low incomes.

G5 clinical trials showed its high efficiency. Something similar was observed on the basis of slightly different technological principles, but strangely similar, in the experiments of two Russian geniuses — Nobel prize winner Ilya Ilyich Mechnikov and winner of the Stalin prize, Hero of Socialist Labor, Alexander Alexandrovich Bogomolets.

And swordsmen, who passed away in 1916, and petitioner, who died in 1946, believing that aging, like any disease, it is possible to win, did experiments in life extension for themselves, achieving amazing results.

Practical steps to create an elixir of «very substantial increase vitality» Ilya Ilyich Mechnikov did after he left the professorial post in protest against the reactionary policy of the tsarist government in the field of education. After leaving the capital, he moved to a warm, well-fed provincial Odessa, where on their own savings, organized the country’s first private station for the control of infectious diseases. His assistant was Nikolai F. gamaleja, microbiologist and epidemiologist, the future academician, laureate of the Stalin prize, who made an invaluable contribution to the health, especially to combat epidemics and pandemics.

It gamaleja has brought us to the evidence that he in 1886 weakly believed in the victory over the natural aging process, but later, when swordsmen are already working in the Pasteur laboratory in Paris, he was told the first encouraging results of their experiments, came to the camp of allies.

«Mechnikov was the serum. And it made it not on the basis of the Bulgarian kefir starter, which is promoted and consumed as a «cleansing of the organism», which gives vigorous health. As far as I am aware, the swordsmen enjoyed himself with extracts from the sex glands of dogs or wolves, making injection. For himself, he tried the stem cells of the female post-Natal material. This was convincing, even explosive effect. A sort of explosive euphoria, which played a horrific joke. The body has stolen someone else’s. As a consequence, a series of heart attacks.»

Gamaleja, being very cautious, still agrees with Mechnikov in the fact that stem cells, if their energy to dispense medication power-UPS, able to provide good health, to make more extended scale of youth.

Assistant Poskrebyshev Stalin recalled that when the question arose about the creation of the USSR, scientific center of problems of gerontology, head of the Soviet state has instructed to solve a set of unprecedented complex challenges fight too early death that is the Petitioner. The reasons for the choice of the petitioner, according to Poskrebyshev, there were several. The main that petitioner was the Creator of the so-called antireticular lexically serum is an effective treatment for venous ulcers and gunshot wounds, which is widely used in hospitals the great Patriotic war.

The scientist was also the author of technologies of preservation of donor blood, realizing that the first group of blood is universal for every man. Methods of transfusion from human to human, was developed by Pilgrim, unchanged practiced today.

In addition, Alexander was so versatile knowledge in different fields of science that have made an invaluable contribution to the development of atomic weapons, did a lot for the defense industry. When modernizing ideas Mechnikov and his own father — before the revolution Zemstvo doctor — produced for mass circulation pamphlet, «life Extension», followed by an immediate invitation to the Kremlin to Stalin.

The conversation of the leader with the scientist lasted about an hour. Petitioner was able to convince Stalin that the offensive against old age should go on all fronts, with the use of synthetic drugs to make stem cells «block of death». Stalin orders to access unlimited funding, said one symbolic phrase: «Rejuvenation should be available no favourites, and all Soviet people without exception.»

Petitioner, having formed a team of intellectuals, began to work, not sparing himself. He died in 1946, at the pneumothorax, caused by an incurable form of tuberculosis that has infected in childhood from the mother of a convict. After learning about his death, Stalin grimly joked: «I Promise to cheat death, and cheated all of us.»

Wondering why swordsmen lost the battle with old age, the petitioner drew attention to the severe allergic reactions, played a fatal role. Parallel to one of the first in the world, he revealed the close relationship of allergies with the immune system.

«Subject to the relentless, strong immune system, he believed — people must live more than a hundred years.» How much? 180,200, 300, according to the formula derived them.

In what direction to move in order to achieve qualitative longevity of the person, the petitioner pointed out, insisting that with the advent of drugs that stimulate the growth of stem cells at least 50-60%, life extension will become a reality. Modern scientists decode the human genome, suggest that the problem of active longevity complex to be solved primarily at the genetic level.

Need to find the genes that trigger the aging process and irreversible extinction, to block the activity of other, yet unknown genes. Named genes of youth.

Alexander VOLUMEV

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