The Earth is approaching asteroid in a giant skull

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К Земле приближается астероид в виде гигантского черепа

«Devilish» asteroid that looked suspiciously like a human skull, again approaching the Ground. Despite the fact that he will fly near our planet a hundred times further than in the fall of 2015, journalists and conspiracy theorists scare the world community coming cataclysm – perhaps even mystical nature. Scientists report that in October of the following year, the ominous space visitor «2015 TB145» detected the panoramic telescope «Pan-STARRS», will inevitably come closer to us .

Two years ago a giant space skull flew only 490 thousand kilometers from the Earth. For comparison, the Moon is about 384 thousand kilometers from our «blue ball». At the time of closest approach with the Earth the asteroid was visible exclusively in Russia. At the time of its discovery, astronomers assumed that we are talking about the degenerate core of a comet that lost most of its volatiles. For this reason, astronomical object, say, not create a cloud of dust and gas, as well as has a traditional tail. Infrared observations of a celestial body confirmed that the Solar system plows the dead comet nucleus.

К Земле приближается астероид в виде гигантского черепа

However, the only method of radar allowed world researchers to very carefully consider the «2015 TB145». It is worth noting that men of science seriously confused, maybe even scared, when he realized that we are moving something in the form of a huge skull. It is noteworthy that an asteroid with a diameter of about 700 meters was almost completely black, reflecting only 6% of the impinging sunlight. In addition, he mysteriously emits its own heat. Despite the fact that scientists are trying to explain the origin of «skull» rationally, they recognize that while not fully understand its nature.

Interestingly, in 2015, the «2015 TB145» flew and now in 2018, will fly near the Earth at the end of October, that is on the eve of Halloween. This is a very funny coincidence, isn’t it? That is why the mysterious asteroid informally referred to as «hellouinsky». The next time the convergence of the «skull» with our planet will occur already in the year 2088, presumably, again, just before all saints Day. If, of course, does not make us troubles next year…

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