Scott Waring found on Mars, «humanoid skull»

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Скотт Уоринг обнаружил на Марсе «череп гуманоида»

Famous UFO researcher, supporter (and often author) of conspiracy theories and virtual archaeologist Scott Waring has pleased its subscribers a new interesting discovery. Taiwanese researcher reports that it has discovered in photographs taken by the American Mars Rover «Kyuriositi», white humanoid skull. According to experts, it can be like a real fragment of the remains, and a fragment of a sculpture. Here’s what Scott wrote on his website:

Just one meter away from the Rover NASA was cobbled together rough face. Whether it’s the deformed skull of an alien (Martian), whether a piece of the statue, once created by an ancient civilization that once existed on the surface of this planet (because it is believed that it has survived until now, has only gone deeper into Mars). Anyway, I refuse to believe that this is an ordinary stone. The head is not too similar to a human, because it is more angular, but we don’t know kakmo was outwardly the Martians (aliens). Would NASA tell you about my discovery of the world? Of course not! Whether the American national space Agency at all to admit that on the red planet there are deposits of artifacts and OS tanks, left there by representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations? In any case! So I will try to direct you to the truth, however, compelled to warn that it can be quite not the same what you hope .

Скотт Уоринг обнаружил на Марсе «череп гуманоида»

The last words of Waring puzzled many users of the world wide web. However, the regulars Network, interested in UFOlogy, have confidence in Taiwan conspiracy. During his long career, Scott Waring found on Mars mysterious of creatures, remains, statues, weapons, shells and God knows what else. Some of these finds seriously the imagination and can be made to question his views, even the most hardened skeptics.

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