The ninth planet is not a threat, and the protection

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Девятая планета – не угроза, а защита

Sensation: it turns out that the ninth planet poses no threat to us, on the contrary it acts as a protection of our planet.

Conspiracy theorists still talk about the danger of Nibiru, how it is terrible for us that she was going to crash into our planet and the end of the world. However, there are other information about this.

Some Juliet Becker from the University of Michigan it was stated that the situation is actually quite the contrary. It turns out that if both the mysterious planet 9 exists, it does not threaten Earth, but rather acts as a protection from all kinds of disasters on a cosmic scale.

In existence for plutonowy an orbit of more massive planetary bodies have no doubt, two of the astronomer Konstantin Batygin and Mike brown. How they are calculated, it is far from the Sun at such a distance that exceeds 20 times the distance between Neptune and the Sun. Year for this planet is 10-20 thousand earth years. Do not be surprised if the telescopes are still not able to catch a planet in the lens.

But, of course, not every scientist believes in the existence in our system, the ninth planet. Many say that the small effects of gravitational forces recorded by instrumentation, can have a actually the smaller body size of the Kuiper belt.

Here are the sensational statements made by scientists. However, such statements from the scientists come almost every day, and they often contradict each other. Many versions and opinions, especially on such a notorious planet Nibiru. Talking about it still does not cease, but at the same time, scientists have not come to a consensus about that, alas.

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