Flying dragon still exists today

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Летающий дракон существует и поныне

To fly on this dragon would be able to unless Thumbelina. But this circumstance is not a reason to immediately give up on an amazing creature adorning a nature in Southeast Asia.

The flying dragons (Draco) is an arboreal lizard, belonging to the subfamily amoralistic Agam. Currently in the world there are about 30 species of these reptiles .

Летающий дракон существует и поныне

The main and key difference from all the other relatives are just «wings» of dragons, or rather folds of skin located at the sides and supported by ribs. Spreading these membranes, Draco do you expect to fly between trees, thus reducing the distance over 20 meters. Males have a throat another crease which, advancing forward, is the dragon stabilizer. As the steering wheel performs thin long (12 cm) tail. Total adult length of Laconica reaches 21 cm.

Whole life flying dragons takes place in tree crowns on the ground on their own they don’t come down ever. In areas where forests do not exist, shelter these little lizards cultural trees, particularly hevea.

Летающий дракон существует и поныне

Flying dragons are harmless creatures, and they are beautifully colored with a color palette, without exaggeration, has all the colors of the rainbow, while overall color remains cloaking(!), making dragons real stealth in the dense tropical foliage.

Food winged lizards are adult insects and their larvae. Butterflies and beetles dragon great catches on the fly, the larvae and did the same there is no chance of escape. In turn, enemies are lizards birds and tree snakes.

Летающий дракон существует и поныне

Like most reptiles, Draco reproduces by laying eggs. As shelters for them, he uses the cracks of tree bark. A few weeks later the eggs hatch into tiny dragons, already able to fly and lead an independent life.

Here he is, flying reptiles of the jungle, touching the miracle of nature, dragon, causing fear instead of a smile emotion…

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