The impact of UFO on the inhabitants of the Earth

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Влияние НЛО на жителей Земли

In the second half of the 20th century in Newspapers, produced in the USSR, sometimes, there were reports that in some cities was recorded a strange celestial phenomenon. To explain their origin was virtually impossible, any version of sooner or later came to a standstill.

People demanded that the authorities explain the cause of these phenomena. Messages about them in large numbers came to the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. Professor A. P. Alexandrov, occupying at that time a post of the President of the institution, was forced under public pressure to write a letter to the Deputy Prime Minister and head of the Military-industrial Commission, in which he proposed to establish a special body to study the nature of these anomalous phenomena.

The phenomenon from space

Indeed, the number of unexplained events every year growing. The most famous of them are:

1. The explosion of an unknown object over lake Kem (1977). No debris were found, the only finds are «Golden drops» of unknown origin;

2. The incident Onega (1961) recorded the fall of a large object, apparently of extraterrestrial origin, in the region of lake Onega and the ensuing explosion. But was later found only the remaining traces of the fall, not the object itself;

3. Near Tengiz lake, which is located in Kazakhstan, was discovered a strange disc-shaped object with obvious signs of impact. For the study, he was sent to a special laboratory.

And this is only the most dramatic events of the half century. And more minor, there are a few thousand. This amount of unexplained phenomena, the authorities couldn’t just ignore — it was necessary to take in relation to these incidents drastic measures.

Secret scientific program

After the address of Professor A. P. Alexandrov was approved several programs, within which the study of anomalous phenomena:

• «The grid-MO» — study the impact of UFO on military equipment. The project was opened specially for the needs of the Ministry of defense;

• «Grid-an» — in the framework of the projects worked scientists working in Academy of Sciences. They had to know the causes and mechanisms of the anomalies.

Studies conducted in the framework of these programs, was secret. In the government nowhere is there mention of the activities of the departments that investigated the events associated with the appearance of unidentified objects and strange phenomena, including the special place occupied by the wreck of ships of alien beings.

But any action to detect colliding with the surface of the earth UFO, which to the Academy of Sciences quite often came the message was not accepted by scientists. All information is carefully gathered, recorded and cleaned in the folder. The staff of the Academy, entrusted with the study of anomalous phenomena, actually just collecting data on them, without taking any steps to explore those places where, according to witnesses, was seen a strange phenomena.

Under a signature stamp «top secret»

But military research has progressed somewhat further. And no wonder, because the strange findings that have been discovered in places where there are anomalies, drove straight to a secret laboratory belonging to the Ministry of defence. There is at least one case, confirming this fact. In 1974 in the Ukraine, near Donetsk, several witnesses noticed a strange glowing Orb that flew through the sky. After some time of explosion. Later, local residents began to find strange fragments, which were subsequently seized from them by the military.

It is still unknown how deeply the Ministry of defence has advanced in the study of objects left behind at the scene of a UFO crash. To public attention was brought only one research work – «Thread-3» on the subject. But it is not a word about ongoing experiments. Only different descriptions of encounters of aircraft with unidentified flying objects, as well as data on UFO research, held in the United States.

The work contained only the known facts. No data on the results achieved by Soviet scientists in it. So, its value is practically zero.

But in this century, in 2002 in the newspaper «Fourth dimension and UFOs», which is produced in the Yaroslavl UFO center, published an article, which lifts the veil of secrecy of military research. It was reported several operations in the course of which was shot down flying alien ships:

1. In 1978, near the settlement of Podgornoye, which is located in Kazakhstan, managed to shoot down a UFO. According to rumors, it was discovered the bodies of creatures that clearly did not belong to the human species;

2. After 9 years, in 1987, in Kabardino-Balkaria, was put out of action a spacecraft. During the bombardment it almost hurt. Inside it was also found beings who are representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization. Unfortunately, they too were dead.

There is information, received from some of the S. Kovalevsky, that all the equipment is of alien civilizations, including parts of the downed ships were sent to study in a secret underground lab, which were on the Novaya Zemlya archipelago.

But, unfortunately, government programs that were opened after gained popularity around the world, «the Petrozavodsk phenomenon» that lasted only 13 years. In 1990, all projects were closed.

At the moment no official studies of mysterious objects appearing in the sky in Russia is not conducted. Their study is only a small group of enthusiasts, ufologists, which deals with only the known cases. To cover the whole vast territory of the country they can’t.

Meanwhile, in the US there are several state programs in which employ thousands of scientists. They get huge funding, they have at their disposal the latest equipment. And who knows how far Americans have progressed in their studies. Perhaps they have managed to establish contact with extraterrestrial civilizations, traces of which are often spotted in the sky.

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