35 the murder of the President of the United States — a conspiracy of the establishment?

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Убийство 35 президента США — заговор истеблишмента?

There are a huge number of unsolved mysteries. Historians, archaeologists, researchers, thoroughly studied monuments and preserved Chronicles, and codes of the artifacts found during excavations, in order to get closer to the disclosure of ancient secrets.

Most of the mysteries of the past is impossible to solve due to the fact that the event that occurred in antiquity and the present reality is shared by many centuries, and in some cases millennia.

What to say about solving the mysteries of antiquity, if in the modern human history there are events which still remain unsolved.

Researchers from around the world for more than 50 years trying to unravel one of the most mysterious crimes in modern America.

The murder of the President

November 22, 1963, the rifle was killed the President of the United States of America John F. Kennedy. All further events are pretty mysterious. After all, the murderer of the President was detained fairly quickly, within 40 minutes the suspect was captured.

The Commission investigating the crime finds the killer of the 35th US President was a former marine Lee Harvey Oswald.

Lee Harvey Oswald until the last moment of his life denied his involvement in the Kennedy assassination. Two days later the Prime suspect was killed by a nightclub owner.

After an investigation which lasted 10 months and was supervised by the CIA, it was determined that Oswald acted alone, and nobody helped.

Despite the fact that the case was officially solved, there are a huge number of conspiracy theories. And researchers hope that new materials will shed some light on this tragedy.

It should be noted that such a theory could not arise out of the blue. So, there are some facts that seem to have been specially selected by some evil genius. And this person or group of persons has done everything possible to make the necessary picture of what happened she lined up and didn’t cause many issues.

The facts, as the notes

First of all, you should pay attention to the personality of the main suspect, Lee Harvey Oswald. In the biography of the main villain can find a lot of allusions to his Patriotic sentiments towards the United States. In the period of his service in the period from 1956 to 1959, Oswald established himself as a great shooter, and quite capable student. Over the years he showed no interest in the Soviet Union. As remembered by his colleagues, he didn’t intend to leave the service in the army and wanted to make a military career, but in 1959 he suddenly submits a report and is sent in resignation. Then in a roundabout way leaving the Soviet Union. In Moscow, seeking political asylum, but was rejected, reveals his veins and into the hospital. In 1962 he suddenly returned to the United States. Six months later he goes to Mexico and visited the Soviet Embassy, where he met with a KGB officer Nikolai Leonov. However, having been refused asylum, returned to Dallas.

Nikolai Leonov described Oswald as a very exhausted and nervous man, who claimed that he was constantly being watched and followed by unknown people. Also had shaking hands that could indicate the development of nervous diseases. In this state, this man could make a good shot on a distance of 200 — 300 meters. However, according to the official version this man killed the President

The conspiracy of the CIA?

Candidacy killer is very appropriate: the Soviet fanatic who hates the capitalist world, has the skills of handling firearms, lived in the territory of a hostile state.

It is also impossible not to be surprised still and the speed with which Oswald was arrested and then sent to the light. Such nuances and cause many questions among researchers.

It should be noted that already the first results of the investigation of the murder started to give inconsistent data. So, after carrying out of ballistic examination it was established that Oswald couldn’t hit JFK and the Governor, who was in the front seat of the point, which is specified in the conclusions of the official investigation.

In consequence of which appears the theory of the existence of the alleged two gunmen who were shooting from two sides. This theory is confirmed by the fact that many allegedly heard shots from opposite sides of the city.

Of course, you may recall that Kennedy had a rather uneasy relationship with the CIA, which ultimately could be the reason for the removal of the President.

Waiting for the truth

Thousands of historians and journalists trying to unravel one of the greatest mysteries of the last century, namely who was the real killer of John F. Kennedy, has received new materials for research.

The US government on the initiative of the current President, trump published more than three thousand archival materials relating to the assassination of the President 35.

Previously known some details about raskruchivanie materials. In one of the many reports indicate Oswald for several months before making the attempt met with a representative of the Soviet diplomatic mission in Mexico.

After the assassination attempt in the capital of the USA closely monitored the reaction of Moscow. In the declassified archival documents is a report that a senior official of the Soviet government collaborated with the CIA, reported that in the higher echelons of Soviet power, the news about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy caused a real shock.

The Soviet government considered the incident solely as a conspiracy of the US establishment.

Today was supposed to present to the public a few important documents. However, the CIA took a short break to slightly edit raskruchivanie materials and to prevent the disclosure of state secrets. Papers will be published in April next year.

Let’s hope that the declassified materials will shed some light on those mysterious events of the past.

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