Circles in a field near the village of Hryhorivka

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It turns out that in that time, numerous media outlets discussed the emergence of a «circle in box» near Lviv
(beginning July 2013), over 1,000 kilometers from the village in Tseperiv village
Hryhorivka Pology district of Zaporozhye region on one of
farmland, there was no less interesting and no less effective
the formation… of the four circles!
In the village is not very puzzled
the «mystery» of the event and the event remained practically unnoticed (as
for the media and for researchers such anomalies). In
the end of the first week of July 2013, the head of the farm
Alexey Fyodorovitch Cech was inspecting his possessions, there was a maid
harvest. Looking around the field, he noticed a very strange scene — four
range of sizes from crushed to the ground wheat. In each of
they dospevshie wheat has been crushed (or rather «neat
stacked fan») to the earth counterclockwise, but the weed inside
circles continued to rise, as if nothing had happened. Also, there was no
discovered any foreign residue, which would indicate
the presence of a person or his activities. The version of someone’s joke
dropped immediately.Soon to the place arrived the villagers, expressing
different versions of what happened. Not without the aliens, however,
versions of what extraterrestrial civilization drew circles in
Hryhorivka — and was not found. The aliens came to the area for
monitoring the progress of the harvest, they arrived to assess the quality
ripe harvest or for more important things? — remained a mystery.Soon the crop was removed, in the memory of the mysterious phenomenon of nature the photos of local photographer Yuri Kalchenko (6 July), the publication in the local newspaper «Visti Polosk» Vladimir Kharchenko (11 July), and in fact several versions of what happened, but none of them clearly did not dot the «I».Круги на поле возле села Григоровка Круги на поле возле села Григоровка Круги на поле возле села Григоровка

  • A British policeman has described his meeting with «Nordic» aliens
  • Crop circles were known to the people in the XVII century
  • In the fields of Adygea appeared the classic «circles»
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