The Japanese astronaut mysteriously three weeks had risen by 9 centimeters

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Japanese JAXA astronaut Kanai, Noriega could receive an award or to get into the Guinness Book of records for rapid space growth. It’s only three weeks on Board the ISS and during that time managed to grow by as much as nine inches, the correspondent of «MIR 24» Sergei Polyakov.

The Japanese Kanae Narishige used to wear a white coat. His main profession – doctor-surgeon. But dreamed of one day going to space and still changed the clinic on the space station. Say, ready for eight years. Been waiting for this moment.

У японского астронавта загадочным образом за три недели увеличился рост сразу на 9 сантиметров

Kick-off conference even wearing a festive kimono and promised to feed the participants of the expedition into orbit Japanese sushi and rolls. Only in outer tubes.

«We have prepared a large number of Japanese dishes: Romaine, rice, curry and many different types of fish, which I will definitely share with the rest of the crew,» said Kanae.

After returning to Earth kimono Nargisi Kanae might have to alter – growth is not suitable. During a routine medical examination revealed that the astronaut in orbit has grown by as much as 9 inches.

«I underwent a medical examination with measurement of physical parameters, and found that my height has increased by nine centimeters. So I stretched out over three weeks, such as was not since middle and high school, I am now going to worry if I can fit in the seat of spacecraft «Soyuz,» wrote an astronaut.

The rapid growth of man in space is a frequent phenomenon. So the body responds to weightlessness. Usually, however, the astronauts «grow up» on one to three centimeters, and now to the end of the expedition, Narishige Kanae will have to figure out what to do with the phenomenon of cosmic growth.

«In space, people grow up. In a state of weightlessness straightened muscles and a lot of them,» explained doctor vertebrolog-podiatrist Andrew said.

On the ISS, Narishige Kanae in just three weeks. Arrived 19 Dec. Met him directly into orbit. Along with Kanae at the station arrived the commander of the expedition, Russian Anton Shkaplerov – he is the most experienced member, and the space for the third time, the orbital experience of almost 400 days. As well as the main flight engineer, American Scott tingle – test pilot of the naval forces of the United States, it is in orbit for the first time. Unlike the Japanese astronaut, their growth within the normal range.

Together in orbit, they will spend another 100 days and try not to grow up.

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