Afterlife civilization: the ghosts talk about the life after death

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From all reports of encounters with ghosts are most relevant stories, which tells of the conversations with people from the sepulchral darkness. These messages contain tiny nuggets of information about the other civilization.

Unfortunately, reports of ghosts on this account, full of darkness and vague innuendo. Reading the revelations of ghosts, you know that talking to ghosts in every possible way evading direct answers to the asked questions, shy away from serious meaningful discussion of the topic of post-mortem existence.

Загробная цивилизация: Что призраки рассказывают о жизни после смерти

«I’m alive, but dead»

At the end of the last century died young Minister of the Church Nicholas S. Veselov. His friend the priest Sokolov living at the time in another city, knew nothing about the death of Veselov. But suddenly he dreamed an unusually vivid dream. Was the priest Sokolov in the dream at the Kherson cemetery near the monument, which was formed from rocks tumbled out of the wide opening.

«Out of curiosity, I climbed through the hole to the inside of the monument, recalls the details of his dream Sokolov. — There was a flash of light… I went out and found himself in a beautiful garden. In one of the alleys of the garden suddenly comes to meet me Veselov.

— Nicholas S., what’s up? — I exclaimed.

— I died, and you see… — he replied.

His face shone, his eyes sparkled. I ran to him to kiss him, but he bounced back and pulling away from me with their hands, said:

— I died. Stay away.

Veselov passed me. I went near it, not touching it.

— I am alive, though dead. Dead and alive — still — he said».

Soon the priest Sokolov received news of the death of Veselov.

What kind of information it is possible to identify how important this «pin sleep»? Yes the simple. The spirit of a deceased person says: «I am alive, though dead. Dead and alive — still». Thus, the spirit just confirms the fact that the nature of posthumous reality.

Загробная цивилизация: Что призраки рассказывают о жизни после смерти

Or — another «contact history» that happened, too, in the last century:

«One day I was sitting in his office in full consciousness, having nothing to do with sleep or NAPs. Suddenly in one corner of the room began to brighten. In the resulting light, I began to notice a human figure. It was a monk.

I shook with fear. The figure approached me, and I heard a voice:

— What are you shaking? Afraid? I’m related to the Moscow Metropolitan Filaret. Of all my relatives-family you the only one left alive, and only you can help me to restore my mother’s grave. This grave is now completely razed. Plate it and the cross kept near the temple at the cemetery. And a plaque with the inscription. You should go to the priest at the cemetery and to ensure that the tomb was in ruins.

I was in great agitation, his thoughts were confused, and I started to ask the Metropolitan, where in the temple are stored a stove and a cross. Metropolitan exactly have a place for me, where to find them. After our conversation, the figure of the Metropolitan as if melted.

The priest at the cemetery were skeptical of my vision and refused to do anything to restore the grave.

After some time I again was Metropolitan Filaret and insisted, so I complied with his request. He said he will come to me again, but this time before my death.

— I’ll be your guide into the world when you die, told me among other things Metropolitan.

After the second visit of the Ghost I managed to submit by the Abbot of the Trinity-Sergius Lavra on the relevant letter to the Patriarch. In the result the orders of the Patriarch of the tomb of the mother of Metropolitan Philaret was completely restored. A cross and a tombstone were found in the exact place where he said the Metropolitan…»

What can we learn from this story about the afterlife civilization? Again, almost nothing except for a single little facts. It turns out to the light you can get, apparently, only by using Windows Explorer. And the spirit of the late Metropolitan Philaret’s promises to his relative to act as a conduit for his soul when he dies.

«Hell is broken»

But the story is much more interesting. It contains some information about the other civilization, I do not know correct or not. The incident happened again in the last century.

Says Archimandrite Anthony, Abbot of the Trinity Sergius Lavra:

«Monk Jonah had a son Whom lived in the monks at the Chudov monastery and the dead… Friday, on Lazarus Saturday, about midnight the father of the deceased got up to fix a lamp, very nagarevoy. Wants to go back to bed and sees that the door opens and enters the room the son of a white shirt, and behind him two young boys, well dressed.

The father, frightened, says:

— Cosmas, why are you here? Don’t touch me. I’m afraid of you.

Don’t worry, father. I won’t hurt you…

The father then asks:

— What do you think of Kosma, there?

The son says:

— Thank God, sir, I feel good.

The father asks:

— Tea, flour, then what?

The son says:

— Hell destroyed. But then, with a heavy sigh, he added, ‘ Only there’s a river of fire, and rare who passes her. And how many people! How much horror!

Загробная цивилизация: Что призраки рассказывают о жизни после смерти

Dad wanted to ask more questions about the river, but the son got up and said hurriedly:

— Sorry, father, I need to visit the elder.

And what of the elder is not explained. And went with the boys out of the cells. It was just awake!»

Information communicated by the Ghost of Cosmas, is, frankly, sensational nature: «Hell is destroyed.» And further: «Only there’s a river of fire, and rare who passes her. And how many people! How much horror!» Of course, the accuracy of the information is under large, even very large question mark.

«For angels we alien»

Says another contactee with the Ghost of the deceased, Yaroslavl Archbishop Neil:

«In 1871, A. J., held in our vocal choir, lived not more than twenty-four years and died from cholera. Ten days after his death he appeared to me in a dream. It was familiar to me coat, but for some reason extended to toe.

I turned to A. J. with a question:

— Where are you otsidki from us?

— As if in an enclosed castle.

— Do you have any rapprochement with the angels?

For angels we alien.

And to God whether have what relation?

— This was after I’d say.

— Who is with you?

— Rabble.

— Do you have any fun?

— No. We even sounds are not heard never, because spirits don’t speak among themselves.

— Food and some have spirits?

— No, no… these Sounds were uttered with obvious displeasure and, of course, because of the irrelevance of the question.

— You feel alright?

— I miss…

— Do I need to ask anyone permission for absence?

The answer was one word: «Yes.» And the word that was spoken slowly, sadly and as if by compulsion.»

What is the result?

So, the human soul, caught the light gets there in something like a «quarantine zone», «like the prisoner of the castle». While there, she stays while «alien angels». With her in the «waiting room» posthumous existence acquired the «rabble» of human. In «quarantine zone» lacks any amusement.

Spirits do not eat any food. Among themselves they communicate not on an acoustic level, and probably telepathic. And last: they «miss» in that area. In addition, you need to ask a «guardian» or «chief» permission for a short absence from the «waiting room» in the world of the living.

Загробная цивилизация: Что призраки рассказывают о жизни после смерти

All this brings back some sad. Afterlife civilization definitely existed in nature. Remember the words of the spirit Veselova: «I am alive, though dead. Dead and alive — still». However, to get to the expanse of the civilization is possible only, perhaps, with the help of some Explorer or using more explicit terminology, using simply a guard escort.

In that light there are rumors that «hell is destroyed.» But along the way it is reported and other famous fiery stream mentioned in almost all religions of the world, meanwhile, remained on its original rightful place. And so many people supposedly are unable to cross the fire barrier. And those who managed to somehow cross it got with the move to «quarantine zone», where they languished from boredom and idleness in waiting their fate.

That’s all. More we know nothing about the other civilization. The reports of her weak dotted line marked only the approaches to her doorstep. Moreover, it can be assumed that everything in the descriptions of these approaches are nothing more than well-crafted misinformation purely intimidating properties. We do not have any ability to check the authenticity.

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