Scientists have managed to decipher a lead plate for black magic

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Учёным удалось расшифровать свинцовые таблички для чёрной магииScientists have managed to decipher the signs lead to black magic. In the Spanish Zaragoza University, has been deciphered, scientists Celia Sanchez Natalias, ancient Roman lead plate for black magic. Age, which is approximately 1600 years, which were stored in the archaeological Museum in Bologna since the nineteenth century. Opened only recently in late 2009. But until that time, the lead content of the plates was unknown.

It tells Celia Sanchez, on ancient Roman plates depict some deity, presumably the goddess of moonlight Hecate. Where the head of the Godhead there are snakes, which means, according to Natalie that as a weapon of execution of the curse is assumed to be a snake.

The purpose of the first curse on the artifact is a Senator by the name of Fisty. Wish him to have his limbs disappeared. The second objective of the curse is addressed to the vet, Porcello and his entire family. The inscriptions on two tablets written in Latin, and most likely, different people.

They themselves are also victims of a curse: they are mummies, with crossed hands, each of the mummy is written the name of the victim. Celia Sanchez absolutely sure that such curses were very common in the era of the late Roman Empire.

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