Crystal eyes Egyptian statues

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Another unsolved mystery remains the eye of the Egyptian statues, or rather the secret of their production of small fragments of rock crystal. These lenses are usually placed in the eye sockets of the statues, made of wood or limestone. Striking craftsmanship of these lenses, it’s just amazing, and this clearly speaks about the creation of them with machining and specialized lathes.

Хрустальные глаза Египетских статуй

The most prominent representative of such statues is the statue of the Pharaoh of the Choir, made of wood. It is inserted eyes, which are eerily similar to the eyes of a living person. They change color, from blue to smoky grey, the colour depends on the angle at which to see them. They’re also quite accurately simulate the real architecture of the retina!

Хрустальные глаза Египетских статуй

Conducted research with Professor Jay Enojoy that represents the University of Berkeley, pointed out a stunning similarity data models with glass shape and optical properties of the human eye.

J. Enoch suggested that the peak of its art in the processing of the lenses, the Egyptian masters have reached roughly to 2500 BC era. Then this unique technology is used less and less, and then completely lost.

Хрустальные глаза Египетских статуй

These lenses were attached not only in the eyes of the Pharaohs, but also in the eye of animals. An instance is a cosmetic vessel in the shape of a cat with crystal eyes, lined with copper. This finding is dated circa 1991-1783 years before our era.

Хрустальные глаза Египетских статуй

There is only one logical explanation for such a development of events – these quartz blanks for sockets Egyptian craftsmen simply borrowed. And while they had stocks of «technology» lived, and as soon as they ended, and «was lost».

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