The passage to another world on a ranch Skinwalker

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In Utah there are a hell of Rancho Skinwalker, notorious among the local population. Place of werewolves and UFOs is a passage to another world, as eloquent 400 abnormal incidents.

Проход в иной мир на ранчо Скинуокер

And ndeity still talk about the trail of the sorcerer who could turn into animals, and never grow in cursed earth the harvest. These horrors did not stop in the 90-ies of the Sherman family from buying a great site for a ranch, where there was water and pasture on the background of small trees. Here led is the only way, but the new owners were shocked by a set of locks in the house, near which were huge pillars of metal with chains. The first trouble began after the appearance of strange crop circles, then looked here a large wolf, completely not reacted to people. He grabbed the calf and after many shots were unhurt, dragged along legal trophy into the bushes. Traces of the beast suddenly stopped, and a small piece of flesh, the broken gun, giving off a terrible smell of rot and belonged to individuals who lived here in the Pleistocene period.

Проход в иной мир на ранчо Скинуокер

Then began to appear other brothers, leaving wounds on the body of the horse and disappearing without a trace, and then was seen the bright birds and ominous translucent creature that emits scary sounds. Nights surrounding area was covered by a bright glow, and from the ground the noise of the invisible equipment, and in the morning the farmers found large pits without soil. In the sky there were frequent UFO with different shapes, after which flew the exploding cloud. One object fell down with a huge figure of the stranger in dark clothes and covered face. Most people are concerned about the glowing orbs, with a strong interest in animals. When the dogs went after the intruder, they are left only scorched circles on the ground with a black substance.

Проход в иной мир на ранчо Скинуокер

The beings began to destroy the flock, leaving blood in the carcasses of cattle without eyes, and then disappeared cats and breeding bulls was locked in the container. In the house were seen ghosts with clanking doors, so that the Americans wished to get rid of such a nightmare, but last night after selling the aliens have decided to take their blood from his fingers, eloquently spoke of the spots on the sheets. Robert Bigelow has acquired the anomalous flavor for $ 20,000, but wished that the former owners to continue working in this place. However, extraterrestrial ships humanoids continued their experiments, and the tree was seen reptilians, beside which stood a monster with a dog’s head. After a successful shot it down, but in addition to the paw print, reminiscent of a dinosaur, nothing more was found. Shocked Americans noticed the strange underground light, opening a passage, from which came out the figure of the black man, after which he disappeared. However, when trying to remove it on the camera, the film was spoiled or machinery gets out of order. Invisible creatures splashing in the water, and frightened a herd of animals, then in the air for a long time there was a smell of musk. In late 2008, the new owner decided to stop all research, because it could not give answers to such phenomena. Now the ranch is guarded by his staff, and the entrance is forbidden, but no one wanted to live in the anomalous zone, wanting to unravel its secrets.


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