B ancient statue of Christ discovered the message in the future

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Bo time of restoration work in the Spanish castle of Santa Agueda in the Balearic Islands was made an amazing discovery. One of the conservators engaged in the restoration of wooden statues of Jesus Christ, I noticed through a tiny gap products several sheets of paper. When experts removed them from the sculpture and moved, I realized that we are talking about the message of the future, left in 1777 a certain Spanish priest named Joaquin Mingoes.

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A kind of «time capsule» tells the story of the economic development of Europe in the 18th century, o the local customs, problems, social relations and folk entertainment. Scientists think this information is incredibly important and interesting, because a put the find in the archive. However, before that, the experts made an exact copy of the message and returned it to the statue of the Redeemer. Joaquin Minguez, apparently, wanted his letter read as many people as possible in the future, so will the priest will be executed. We can only guess in what year will occur following the discovery of «capsules» and how ee will accept our descendants…

B дpeвнeй cтaтуe Xpиcтa oбнapужeнo пocлaниe в будущee

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