Prediction: Russia will rule the world

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Предсказание: Россия будет править миром

The world famous stavropegic monastery near the town of Kozelsk in Kaluga province, known as Svyato-Vvedenskaya Optina Pustyn, famous for his superiors, the wise elders, to pay homage to the way of pilgrims from all across the vast Russian Empire and from abroad. Been here well known Russian citizens, the future great writers such as Nikolai Gogol, Fyodor Dostoyevsky and others.

Could the elders of Optina monastery, to console, to instruct on the right path, to predict what a man, what it is to be feared and where to direct their strength and will, was able to cure the soul and hence the body of the bereaved. Pilgrims coming to the Optina monastery, listened to and even recorded a few elders of their prophecies concerning the future of Russia and the world in General, for example, the gift of the seer was famous Abbot Bartholomew.

He spoke about the future of Russia, but today we consider especially important and interesting words of this wise elders regarding the current complicated political situation in the world. But it predicted Bartholomew, saying that many years will pass and there will be a war, terrible in the East, terrible in the South, and the West will not pass it famously. Will light up the skies, and lots of people will end their lives on earth, only mother Russia will come out of this fire unscathed. The evil humans that will rule the world, put many people on the knees, but not Russia. Do not submit to it no gate, on the contrary, will outlive them all and become healthy, and itself rule the world, rule the true God .

So it looks like Russia is afraid of nothing. This, of course, does not promise the Russians an easy and carefree life, when all around are flames of war, however, the fact that our country will be the winner in the clash with the world obscurantism, which we are seeing today gives us hope in the heart and soothes the soul.

Предсказание: Россия будет править миром

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