The most fantastic artifacts disappear without a trace

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Самые фантастические артефакты пропадают бесследно

Archaeologists, and even just random people periodically find fantastic artifacts that prove that advanced civilization on our planet existed millions of years ago. However, evidence of a completely different history of our Earth, is not consistent with generally accepted academic dogma, disappear somewhere, never having made a revolution in science .

One of the clearest, and therefore most fantastic artifacts was the discovery, accidentally made by tourists near the Northern Kamchatka Tigil village (regional center of the eponymous district of the Koryak Autonomous district). It was the fossils clearly some mechanism (see photo and video). Of course, soon arrived scientists-archaeologists from St. Petersburg. The group was led by researchers Yuri Golubev. After examining the fossils of toothed wheels and other mechanisms, scientists came to the conclusion, at least 400 million years.

Самые фантастические артефакты пропадают бесследно

That is, on Earth someone was created and used complex mechanisms another half a billion years ago, although academic science proves to us that man appeared not earlier than 2 – 2.5 million years before our era, and it was reasonable, and that later — on the strength of tens of thousands of years ago.

Soon to learn some of the fantastic finds on the Kamchatka Peninsula joined American scientists who agreed with the conclusions of their colleagues from Saint-Petersburg: Yes, it is, of course, fossils of some device, say, computing machines, and this miracle of almost half a billion years!

Because people on Earth at that time supposedly was not born a version of the divine origin of this artifact. However, in this case, you must admit that aliens exist and that they have already been on our planet, what academic science also can not accept.

Where missing priceless artifacts?

Now, let’s say the main thing: Kamchatka fantastic artifact was found five years ago, the fuss about this one then especially did not raise, even modestly, the press only mentioned about a unique find. Interested in something else: in almost every article you read the assertion that this should turn our look at the history of the Earth, to revise it.

And that was it! Today about this fantastic artifact, just as with many other such, nor hearing, nor spirit. Where they are, in any Museum, University or religious vaults gathering dust? And maybe has long been destroyed, so as not to confuse the minds of the gray crowd, where you are supposed to know only what is necessary. What kind of revisionist history Joe blow told reporters if the world in its time destroyed thousands of skeletons of giants, rewrite all of the ancient manuscripts, not to mention the later manuscripts, including the Church? There would be a possibility, the high and mighty would have etched memories of old times even of oral folklore and genetic memory, can not handle yet this ruling elite. Finally, we give the words of the writer and political analyst Andrei Stolyarov, that it became clear to everyone why even the most unique historical items nobody needs, and therefore disappear without a trace:

When in the third century BC, Chinese General of the Qin Shi di conquered the six kingdoms and established the «most ancient» Empire of Qin, the first thing he did was gathered all of the historical records of the conquered countries and destroyed them, so that the history of China began with the Qin Empire. But so did and still do all the rulers of the world: Ancient Egypt, Eastern tyrannies, medieval Christian despotism, opposed paganism, and the great Vedic culture of Russia…

Video: the Most fantastic artifacts disappear without a trace

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