Ufologists call Jesus Christ a representative of an extraterrestrial race

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Уфологи назвали Иисуса Христа представителем внеземной расы

Christianity is the most popular religion. Around the identity of the «God-man» named Jesus a lot of different conversations. What this time talking about this famous person?

American researchers of extraterrestrial civilizations, it was stated that great Jesus Christ was actually an alien, and everyone knows the star of Bethlehem was a spaceship, on which this famous prophet came to our planet.

The experts pointed out that many scientists in the time of Jesus’s birth was noticed flying in the sky an unknown body, like a star. They recorded this information in their records, saying that the body that came out of nowhere and did move with incredible speed. The Bible just say that this object led to the baby sages.

Astronomers say that it really was a comet or a meteorite, but ufologists argue with this statement, stating that it is an alien ship. In addition, you may recall that in ancient Egyptian texts there are also reports that Jesus really came from another world.

That’s what he thought ufologists. Jesus is a very controversial character, a lot different talking about it, but these statements are something new for the scientific and religious communities. So now people will argue about anything.

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