Flying «Tick-tock»: the pilot told US, looked like a «UFO» over the Pacific ocean

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Летающий «Тик-Так»: пилот США рассказал, как выглядел «НЛО» над Тихим океаном

UFOs, more and more people are worried about. Recently, they increasingly catch the eye of people from different parts of the planet, as reported by the media. Do they exist? One of the recent cases evidence of UFOs we will describe below.

Pilot named David Trevor from the United States, before confessing that she had witnessed a UFO, told more about this mysterious meeting.

A portal «the Union Leader» says, quoting Freware that the object looked like a flying jelly beans, known as «Tick-tock» and it has that indescribable possibilities. Trevor said that he doubted a terrestrial origin of the object.

It is worth Recalling that a former pilot «F/A-18 Super Hornet» David Fravor even told that during a training flight near the coast of San Diego Pacific ocean in 2004, he was ordered to intercept certain of the aircraft.

He arrived at the designated point and noticed the strange origin of the rotating object, which soars to a height of 24 km. above the Earth. But, says the commander of the American aircraft, while he was struck by the incredible speed, developed by an unknown object.

Also Trevor said during your reduce unknown body rushed to the fighter forward, but then suddenly disappeared.

Besides, the Network posted still shots where, according to one of the assumptions, two fighters of the American army carry out pursuit of the unidentified body. It is also said that the frames of the data demonstrated the operation, which involved Trevor.

These are some interesting objects, it turns out, flying over the Pacific ocean. What is this UFO invasion lately? Or is it just another fiction? Hard to tell, but these stories are…

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