Huge relict snake of Siberia, soon again go out to hunt

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Огромная реликтовая змея Сибири скоро вновь выйдет на охоту

Who does not know the Anaconda, which is considered the most massive and dangerous snake in the world, but there is a belief, especially among the small peoples of Siberia, and the region is enormous serpent-monster who is much larger and unpredictable in his behavior, because it has a more hypnotic and other supernatural powers .

In the history of a lot of witnesses who saw the Siberian snake. For example, the German historian of the eighteenth century Gerhard Friedrich Miller, in his book «description of the Siberian Kingdom» mentions a meeting with a local resident, who miraculously escaped from this monstrous snake, with skin of Golden color and a huge head. According to survivors, all of his friends were down this mysterious monster, and only he managed to escape such a terrible fate.

Vast Siberian snake met in the Urals, both in old times and in our time, and every story about the meeting was accompanied by the right fantastic detail. For example, in the Sverdlovsk region in 2001 saw a snake meters eight or nine in length, very similar to a giant Anaconda.

Огромная реликтовая змея Сибири скоро вновь выйдет на охоту

And small Nations Mansi, living in the Tyumen region, assured that the snake-monsters live at the bottom of some lakes, burrowing into the mud. For this reason Mansi very gently floating on the boats, trying not to touch bottom with the oars, in order not to awaken the slumbering beast. If the spring on the lake, say residents of the area, hear a mysterious sound «f-f», then it «wakes up» the great serpent…

Mansi also say that relict snakes of enormous size soon again go out to a big game. However, the natives are not reported when it happens, and not very clear where in the huge Siberia is going to happen. Or maybe these snakes here a lot? In a word, enigmatic and poorly known region — Siberia, the region in which lurk all kinds of miracles, sometimes defies logical comprehension…

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