Student helped scientists explain mysterious cosmic phenomenon

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Secrets of space: Student helped scientists explain mysterious cosmic phenomenon. Scientists from Japan have discovered an unusually high content of the isotope of carbon in the trees that grew on the planet in the years 774-775 ad. However, researchers are unable to establish the true cause of the anomaly. The only thing they could assume that it lies in some kind of cosmic event.


Студент помог объяснить ученым загадочное космическое явление

To the rescue came a scholar student at the University of California Santa Cruz (University of California, Santa Cruz), which was able to detect a curious historical witness of the incident and to bring science to the solution of ancient mysteries.

First a few words about the discovery, which was made by experts from the University of Nagoya (Nagoya University). Conducted scientific analysis of tree rings of two Japanese cryptomerias (Cryptomeria japonica) from the island of Yakushima has shown that in the period of growth in the years 774-775 ad there was an abnormally high jump in the contents of isotope of carbon-14.

In an article published in the journal Nature, researchers write that the numerical growth rate was 1.2 %, an increase of 20 times compared to the previous level.

It is known that the isotope carbon-14 is formed from nitrogen-14 under the influence of cosmic radiation. The scientists suggested that the cause of the high content of 14C is gamma radiation that came from the supernova explosion or the impact of the protons formed as a result of giant solar flares.

However, both hypotheses have raised doubts of the researchers of the rising sun. In the first case, the Land was to «visit» and other forms of radiation — x-ray and radio emission.

Студент помог объяснить ученым загадочное космическое явление

Solar flare (in order to justify the observed 14C spike content) would have to be so powerful that «burned out» and would the ozone layer of the planet.

To help scientists find the explanation volunteered Jonathan Allen (Jonathon Allen) — a student specializing in biochemistry. After reviewing the study materials, he began to look for mention of astronomical phenomena that occurred in the year 774, in the historical sources. One of them is «Anglo-Saxon chronicle» is the oldest collection Chronicles the history of the Anglo-Saxons.

Initially, the Chronicle was used as an Easter table used by the priests to calculate the annual date of celebrating Easter. They consisted of several vertical columns, where the left on a separate line designated date, and on the right was done a short recording about the events – not in order to leave a historical testimony, but just for identification.

It is in the «Chronicle» opposite 774 years Allen has met the required entry in which, among other things, stated: «this year in the sky after sunset appeared a red cross.» However, the discovery, made by Allen, and even closer to understanding what happened, but did not allow for a definitive explanation of the event.

Some scholars note that this wording in the «Chronicle» could mean that the priest watching the Aurora caused by the solar wind. Others believe that the author could write such a phrase, after seeing the optical effect is manifested in the sunset under the influence of ice particles and snow contained in the atmosphere.

Although found in the «Chronicle» the certificate does not give an accurate explanation of the events, most experts leaning toward the hypothesis of a supernova and continue to seek the necessary evidence materials .

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