The moon is close and mysterious

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Луна — близкая и загадочная

The only natural satellite of the Earth — Moon, it seems to us like the biggest object in the night sky. Almost everyone of the people there were legends about the moon, in the mythology of her personified, endowed with most unusual properties, and the poets devoted poems.

What is this celestial body? The moon is less than 400,000 km from the Earth in astronomical terms is very close. An interesting pattern: from the earth to the Sun distance 400 times greater, and the size of the moon is 400 times smaller than the Sun.

This is the only cosmic body on which had gone before. Think about our natural satellite known to all. In fact, the Moon still keeps many secrets.

According to the standard hypothesis is that the Moon was formed over four and a half billion years ago. This occurred as a result of Earth collision with a large object, equal in size to Mars. The blow was so powerful that a huge amount of rock of the earth and fragments of the celestial body with which the collision occurred, was thrown into near-earth space. Later they formed the cosmic body — a natural satellite.

But this version is not the only one, there are proponents of other, not less exciting. They believe that our satellite artificial origin, allegedly under the bark of tens of kilometers, consisting of Nickel, tungsten and other metals, is a cavity 70 million cubic km! This hollow design is served once a base for representatives of an advanced extraterrestrial civilization. There are fixtures and devices for the management of this huge structure.

According to other assumptions, the Moon of natural origin, but was used by the aliens for some purposes may observe earthlings. Whatever version of the origin of the moon has not adhered to the people, all are absolutely sure that the object is live. Where such confidence?

The conquest of the satellite

As you know, the first people to set foot on the moon July 20, 1969, when the landing module of the American spaceship landed on the moon near the sea of Tranquility. These were the astronauts Neil Alden Armstrong and buzz Aldrin, the third astronaut, Michael Collins did not leave the orbital module.

The strangeness began at the time of undocking, the astronauts heard a strange music, a little like a whistle, but could not determine how it sounds. They reported this to the management, believing that the sounds could arise from interference with normal communication.

A sensational event was broadcast live. The astronauts preludesys, planted the flag of his country, had planned the technical work took the lunar soil, telling about all their actions and feelings. But suddenly the broadcast was interrupted for the whole two minutes. The time that happened, ordinary citizens did not know for 20 years. Only then the world learned about the incidents that took place during the first expedition to the moon.

Was discovered the audio recording, after it is decrypted, it became clear that the negotiations astronaut Armstrong with the flight Directors. He was very emotional and was told that sees a lot of space alien ships that are watching them. The fact that this record was not falsified, proven expertise, all the voices match the voices of the astronauts.

Why it did not hear the usual people watching the landing on the moon? The fact that when NASA (National Aeronautics and space research) has established two frequencies, including a secret, closed line for emergency situations. Precisely during these two moments Neil Armstrong reported back to NASA on a spare line that they are watching a cigar-shaped ships in the area of the crater, and a spherical glowing objects accompanying the lander earthlings.

Was still the official photo lab of the NASA Johnston. He claimed that the satellite is inhabited, and provided proof in pictures, came to him after a flight to the moon in 1971. It was hundreds of photos of the moon, where is well visible the city, towers, tunnels, stretching deep into craters and other constructions. The leadership of NASA, which Johnston provided photos, ordered to destroy them and took a subscription about nondisclosure of secrecy. The man was forced to remain silent for many years, otherwise he could go to jail for 10 years.

In favor of the theory about extraterrestrial civilizations, says the controversial case which occurred in 1971. Was released book, it told about a supposedly fictional flights to the moon. Interestingly, there was no reaction from either government officials or from employees of NASA. As it turned out, the initiator of writing the controversial book was very NASA. It went on to this to distract the citizens ‘ attention from real events on the moon.

Why the programme is rolled?

Obviously, the Americans have hurt someone’s interests, because too fast was curtailed program of development of the satellite. It was reported on upcoming flights on «Apollo 13», up to «Apollo -20». We spent billions of dollars on the program. Suddenly and without explanation to the public a complete rejection of further exploration of the moon!

Perhaps someone really didn’t want a heavenly body learn people to see the dark side of the moon. After all, there could be anything. Military bases, preparing for an invasion of Earth, or the cemetery of obsolete space ships?

Or, as is said in some legends, there found refuge offended the gods, who did not want to live with the sins of the people. And in Russia in ancient times thought that the dark side of the moon live SELENITES, the inhabitants of the legendary Hyperborea. They went in there because he found out about the upcoming disaster on his home planet. How much truth in these legends, is still unknown.

Another sensation, which is hard to believe. According to some reports, former NASA officials argued that the subsequent flight was, after all, and he himself participated in them. As a result of these expeditions, the astronauts found on the moon of a space object almost five-kilometer length. In the object were strange plants, unknown people and the remains of two humanoids. And plants, and the remains are well preserved. They were brought to Earth for study, the information is of course classified.

As far as conflicting information about our satellite is reliable is probably learn in the near future. According to some sources, mankind is prepared to explore with the aliens. Look forward to meeting and hope for their friendliness.

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