The truck hit a large flying humanoid creature in Ohio in 2016

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Says a resident of Ohio, whose name is withheld, or he asked for anonymity:

«It happened in the summer of 2016 near Chesterland, Ohio. I am 32 years old and until that moment I didn’t believe in any supernatural stuff, aliens and things like that, and have not encountered them. I’m now at the memory of that event, trying to convince myself that really it was just a large hawk or other bird. But it’s more like lying to yourself.

It happened when around 3.45 night I was driving in my truck on the road 322 in the direction of Chesterland. Truck brands Freightliner, filled with bundles of Newspapers. Over the earth hung a mist and in the sky there were no stars, only light from the moon.

Грузовик сбил крупное летающее человекообразное существо в Огайо в 2016 году

When I was driving through the hills at a speed of 50 miles per hour I suddenly saw on the road toward my truck moves very large dark figure. I instinctively pressed the brake pedal, as frightened of a collision, the object was moving like they were aimed at my windshield. However, it still hit my truck. I heard a loud banging on the roof of the cab and then right behind her, continuing to push on the brake pedal.

When I finally stopped, it was approximately 75 metres from the collision. I first visited the cabin, for fear of damage, but the cab was not warped. At the same time I knew that please the object in the glass, he probably would have struck him. Then I walked around the truck to see what’s back there and then I saw this creature lying on the ground.

In the dim moonlight it looked huge and at first I thought it was a large bat (the wings were bat-like, not like a bird) and that she’s already dead. But suddenly it moved, turned over and suddenly stood on two legs. It was at least 6 feet tall (180 cm) and looked right at me and his eyes glowed reddish-orange.

From the terrifying sight of this creature, I literally froze from fear and I stood and watched him, until it spread its wings, not flapping them and flew off. Only then I came to my senses and ran to the cab of the truck. I went to the side of Chesterland as fast as was possible and spent the rest of the night trying to figure out what kind of creature it was.

It is difficult to describe it in words, it was like a winged monster from a horror movie «Jeepers creepers» and I saw him only in General outline, could not see his face and other parts of the body. Overall it looked like a very tall man with wings like a bat, and red-orange eyes.

Worst of all for me is that I’m on this route are still forced to go each day and every time for me, it becomes a complex task. Even six months after the event I was worried about that.

One more thing. When I got to his truck that night to a gas station, he saw that on the windshield side left some traces, as if being touched it on a tangent. Well I inspected the glass, trying to find something like lumps of flesh or blood, then I had at least some proof of what happened. But alas, there was only a simple partial fingerprint».

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