A cursed ring that kills the suitors

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Goes a lot of stories about the damned things, bringing misfortune to its owners. The girl that will be discussed, did not believe in witchcraft and curses, and she had to pay for it. Events occurred in the early 90s.

That summer a girl named Margarita or simply Rita first went to rest to her aunt in the country. Aunt Nadia is now hosted in the house of his deceased parents, which had Rita’s grandparents.

But many years ago her father had quarreled with them. Relatives were opposed to his impending marriage to a city girl — the future Retinal mother. Since then, the father had a relationship only with her sister. Rita never saw grandmother and grandfather.

Проклятое кольцо, убивающее женихов

Now the elderly are no longer alive. Aunt lived here only in the summer, doing the garden. For a long time there Rita to stay is not going: in the village is boring. But father asked me to help aunt Nadia with the garden — she promised in the autumn to share with them the potatoes and vegetables.

Somehow, digging in old things, she found the box. In it lay various trinkets, mostly cheap and ugly. But one of them, Rita was interested. It was a copper ring with the engraved snake. The subtle pattern can be seen, caused by the metal hand of a master craftsman.

The girl’s question aunt Nadia said that the ring belonged to her late mother. It turned out, grandma wore it instead of a wedding — vintage work, it is passed down the line grandfather from generation to generation. Usually mother-in-law gave it to wedding the daughter-in-law. But Zoe, Retino mother, not adopted, it was not until the traditions.

— Keep it, if you like, ‘ said my aunt.

A delicate piece like Rita, and refuse she did not, she immediately put the ring on her finger.

Upon arriving home, Rita met with Oleg. He loved her, and Rita was thinking about a serious relationship. One day, inviting him to visit, she’s wearing my grandma’s ring. Oleg immediately noticed him. Seizing the moment, he pulled the ring from the finger of a girl and put on your:

Back only in exchange for a wedding!

Rita is not particularly insisted that he returned tyetkino gift: she was flattered that he talked about the engagement ring — then make an offer. And so it happened.

To apply to the Registrar was not Oleg. Naprasno after waiting for him for more than an hour at the appointed place, Rita returned home. Pride did not allow her to call and find out what happened.

Проклятое кольцо, убивающее женихов

Just the other day came to her the terrible news — the groom was dead. On the way to the registry office he passed by the place where started the disassembly of two of the gang, and his car came under cross fire. Oleg was killed on the spot.

At the funeral of Rita I saw your ring on the finger of the deceased. Oleg did not leave him until death. The girl said to his mother: «This is mine. It is possible, I’ll keep it for memory?» She waved a hand. So the ring went back to the hostess.

Soon came a letter from aunt Nadia. After the usual greetings from relatives and any news she wrote: «And the ring that I gave Margarita, better to throw. Mother is dead, when Nikita got married, said that will not give his daughter-in-law, better curse, and if it is your family will, then the curse will fall on your head. I then forgot about it, and now suddenly remembered.»

Reading these lines, Rita grinned in such nonsense she did not believe. And continued to wear the ring.

Time passed, and it began to look pretty classmate. The case went to the wedding. But suddenly, Volodya was diagnosed with leukemia. He was put in the hospital a few months later he died.

Rita mourned, but life goes on as usual. The ring she still wore.

Once on the street she was approached by a Gypsy woman:

— Girl, let me tell your fortune!

Rita waved. But the Gypsy cried after her:

— Ring of copper, with a snake, come on! It the curse! Will soon meet the handsome, but happiness you will not…

Igor she met at the wedding of a friend. He looked like Prince charming from a fairy tale — beautiful, tall, dark-haired, in an expensive white suit. And when Rita saw his fancy car, she just gasped. Igor was a friend of the groom. He successfully was engaged in business.

They began to meet. Rita did not bother what her partner is married. He claimed that he didn’t love his wife and getting a divorce. Everywhere they now Rita appeared together.

Igor seemed smart, well-read. But Rita is annoyed by his superstition, he believed in extrasensory perception, magic and folk superstitions. He never put the keys on the table and shuddered in fright at the sight coming towards a black cat. However, darling has been hoping to re-educate.

On that winter day they decided to go to Igor to the country. His wife, he just made up some stuff, so I was sure: she won’t suspect a thing.

Going on a trip, Rita decided to wear my grandma’s ring, which before at Igor did not. All went well until he noticed the ring. Igor was very pale and almost released the wheel.

Where’d you get that?

The girl told the story of the ring, not to mention the curse.

— I was once acquainted with a psychic. He knew about me, past and future. And said that to live long I stay and I die in the day when I see the ring with the snake. Odd, isn’t it?

Rita began to worry: what would happen to them? They drove on. In the country rested on the full program — skied, watched videos, drank, ate. Finally went to bed.

Проклятое кольцо, убивающее женихов

Rita woke up from a smell of burning. The room was on fire. The flames crept to the bed. Without thinking, she rushed to the window, and, springing to his still untouched by fire the window sill, jumped down from the third floor. She regained consciousness only in hospital, with fractures of both legs. Igor could not be saved, from giving the embers were left alone.

Arson confessed to the wife and now the widow of Igor. She told that has long suspected her husband of cheating and even hired private detectives to follow him. When she was told that her husband with his mistress have fun in their country house, she went there.

Night walked into the living room and turned on the light, saw on the table a ring with a snake, obviously forgotten here another woman. She seemed to have found insanity. She brought a terrace with a can of gasoline and began to spray it everywhere, then struck a lighter. Her invalid husband and Rita, tired of drinking, and love, didn’t even Wake up.

Rita remained on all life the invalid. The men in her life no more. A ring with a snake after the fire is gone who knows where. However, no one was not looking.

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  • «My son’s birth was pursued by some evil force»
  • The woman out of revenge cursed children frustrated son-in-law and those died of disease
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