In Brazil something has killed 60 ducks and geese, and gently pulled their hearts

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Mysterious events that occurred in the Bairro Alto Curitiba in Brazil, has frightened local residents.

As reported by Massa News, recently one of the farmers named Sidney DOS Santos early in the morning went as usual to check poultry in your chicken coop and found all his chickens, geese and ducks someone killed.

And not just killed someone or something gently pulled from their bodies heart, leaving only a small hole in the chest. Killed were 60 birds and only two survived, probably having somewhere to hide during the attack.

В Бразилии нечто убило 60 гусей и уток и аккуратно вытащило их сердца

After the owner of birds inspected the corpses, he found that in all birds, in addition to the hole in his chest was still smooth cuts on the neck and back. At the same anywhere in the coop or near it found a drop of blood!

«I have no idea what happened here, as I’ve never seen anything like it,» he told reporters DOS Santos — «I can understand if it was strangled a couple of chickens, sometimes dogs get into the chicken coop and can kill the bird. But no dog would do what happened here».

Another puzzling aspect in this story was the fact that neither Santos nor his neighbors that night heard no suspicious noise from the chicken coop.

It was noted that if the coop snuck at least one person, chickens and geese would have raised a lot of noise, as they always started loud noise when inside went someone else.

В Бразилии нечто убило 60 гусей и уток и аккуратно вытащило их сердца

What could it be? It is fast, quiet and does not leave after itself traces of blood even after tearing out hearts. To mind immediately come the numerous cases of mutilation of livestock, mainly cows and sheep that occur from time to time in the United States, Mexico, Argentina and other countries.

From mutilated cows and sheep are often removed the internal organs and of the external organs: tongue, ears, teats. All of this is cut with a very sharp instrument and cuts surgically smooth.

Ufologists and other researchers of anomalous phenomena accused of similar manipulations of the aliens, and in some cases the Chupacabra, which is assumed to be biorobot these aliens.

  • In the Nizhny Novgorod region unknown beast sucking the blood from chickens
  • In Ivanovo something sucked the blood from thirty chickens
  • In the village of Ershovka cobacabana beasts sucked the blood from geese
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