The phenomenon of ghostly hands

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Sometimes the poltergeist phenomenon is accompanied by the appearance of phantoms in human form or animal. Often see only fragments of shapes, for example, only hands. So, in 1654, in a Scottish house among many other manifestations of the poltergeist are seen bare to the elbow, darabshaw on the floor with such force that they shook the whole structure.

In another case, in the year 1677 by the witnesses, hearing the strong knocks, took a candle and went to investigate the cause. Entering the room, where knocking, the witnesses saw an arm holding a hammer and continued pounding on the bed.

Феномен призрачных рук

When one of them went to the head, the hand with the hammer disappeared behind the pillows. Checked all the bedding, but the hammer was not found. As soon as they began to leave, as the hammer was thrown in the middle of the room.

Clearly visible hands more than once occurred in the outbreak of poltergeist the house of a member of the National Council of Switzerland M. Illera in 1862. So, about ten o’clock in the morning on August 20 Iller with his wife and son tried to find the cause of a loud knock at the door.

Suddenly there was such a strong kick that it flew open. At that moment the head of the family clearly saw something dark, lightning flashed from the door to the kitchen hearth, and at once his wife and son screamed, noticing the half dark brown skeleton hands, bounced off the door.

And in the afternoon of 23 August, when Yeller lay down to rest with him, according to him, the following happened:

«Suddenly I felt a light touch on my left temple like someone is playing, tattooed on finger my hair! Thinking that I was awake, I touched this place and grabbed a heavy soft warm hand, feeling her fingers, then she quietly freed herself from my hands and went to the window, where I saw moving slowly back and forth, a dark figure, the outlines of which stood out sharply against a light background leaf shutter».

In 1871, a strange pink handle saw Ural landlord V. A. Shchapov and his wife in his «infected» poltergeist the house. Wife noticed outside the window he heard the knock, soft, pink, like baby’s arm, with transparent glowing nails, which she banged on the glass.

And he Shchapov, when a knock appeared on the floor in the bedroom of his wife, tried to waylay how and who does it. Once he broke in and… oledeneli of terror: small, almost childlike, pink handle, quickly bounced off the floor, slipped under the covers sleeping wife. But it was not her hand! It was something to be terrified.

Ghost hands was observed, and the English scientist William Crookes (1832-1919) in the session of the medium. Here’s how crooks describes the emergence during the session, the visible hand:

«Small, extremely beautiful handle rose with a large dining table and handed me a flower. Three times she has appeared before disappearing again, giving me the sheer opportunity to make sure that this hand was as real as my own. This phenomenon occurs when the light in my apartment; all this time I kept the hands and feet of the medium.

Another time I had to see the emergence of a small hand and entire arm were both, apparently, children. They have, playing between himself, on one lady, sitting next to me. Then they approached me, struck the hand and pulled some clothes.»

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