The riddle of furniture, sitting on which you can get pregnant

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In the 90s, the British press wrote several times about the rare and unusual phenomenon — miraculous chairs, which promote the conception of children. Is the lady not older than 50 years to sit on this very ordinary-looking chair, she soon starts to feel nausea in the morning and craving everything salty.

For the first time information about such cases appeared in 1992. In one of supermarkets of the English holding «Asda» for a few months got pregnant 24 employee. Many women were perplexed by what happened as systematically used a condom.

The chair of the network «Asda» (not the same)

Загадка мебели, посидев на которой, можно забеременеть

Judy Hartland, merchandise store, became interested in a mysterious circumstance. She interviewed pregnant employees and found that they are happy and have long sat in the easy chair, standing in the ladies ‘ room. And they all felt warmth in the lower abdomen and the sweet languor.

Judy decided to test the arising suspicions and asked to sit in the chair my friend Karen Fazakerly. A month later she became pregnant. The woman shone with joy, as before she and her husband of 6 years have tried unsuccessfully to have children. After the allotted time, Karen gave birth to healthy twins.

Judy told of a mysterious chair experts on anomalous phenomena. The scientists tschatelno researched, but was unable to find anything unusual in the product factory production. The priests and scholars of the occult Sciences also declined to explain puzzling properties of normal-looking household items.

However, mysterious events associated with chairs is not over. In 1995, he reported that in one of shops the city of Birmingham almost simultaneously got pregnant three keepers. They were sitting in the same office and loved to bask in the soft old chair with curved legs, which nowhere appeared in their modern furniture office.

Women quickly realized that their position they owe to the piece of furniture, and then offered to sit on it to everyone. Some women get pregnant quickly. It is curious that unmarried girls couldn’t sit on a mysterious chair and quickly jumped up with him, saying that they feel a strong tingling in the buttocks.

In January 1996, a scandal erupted in one of supermarkets of the same holding «Asda», located in Kendal. There in an interesting position was from 12 sellers. They all ran to the Smoking room, where the newly appeared unknown person put the old but still sturdy chair, upholstered in scarlet leather.

Young women liked to drag on a cigarette, sitting comfortably in the creation of an unknown artist. But for the love of old things they had to endure a lot of unpleasant moments. Their husbands were furious because, not wanting to further increase the families themselves are carefully guarded, and demanded the same from their wives.

Their pregnancy appeared to many as an unpleasant surprise and gave rise to jealousy. Men did not want to believe that before the magic power of the old chair couldn’t resist no chemical protection, and demanded to call the names of lovers, whom their pious indulged in unbridled debauchery.

The administration of the supermarket also be in extreme irritation, as the store suffered losses, paying maternity leave to several employees. Saying that ill-fated chair secretly at night took to the nearest woods and there hacked to pieces.

Загадка мебели, посидев на которой, можно забеременеть

Such miracles did not happen only in Britain. Newspaper «Sunday Telegraph» wrote about the case in the Israeli port city of Ashdod. There in the store of Joseph Birkat also appeared a miraculous chair.

The opening of the store in 1993, the consecrated one of the oldest rabbis of the city — Yitzhak Kaduri. He came to Israel from Morocco and was considered a scholar of Kabbalah. He also was the unquestioned authority in all that concerned the ancient mysteries and secrets.

After completing the rite of consecration, the Rabbi sat on a chair, standing near the cash register. Then he sat the cashier, and they soon became pregnant. Initially suffered the niece of the owner. Then for the cashier of the village, his wife and two months later realized that, too, is in position. To the delight of family and husband, she gave birth to long-awaited boy.

In total for the year of the pregnant store 10 cashier, who was sitting on the chair.

When news about the mysterious piece of furniture spread throughout the city, many began to say that the Rabbi gave him supernatural properties. But Kaduri swore up and down that and in thoughts did not hold to create something similar with a cheap product factory production.

Anyway, the shop owner refused to give the chair research scientist tel Aviv, on which they insisted, and covered mysterious piece of expensive maroon silk and put it in a special room in the administrative part of the store.

Daily there come several wanting to get pregnant women to sit on the miraculous chair. Many of them even considered unable to have children, quickly pulled it.

Later, the Board of rabbis of Ashdod was thinking what to do next with the mysterious object. While clergy agreed that it is a message for the forces of good, as all women who got pregnant after sitting on the miraculous chair, gave birth to a strong, beautiful and cheerful children.

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