Secrets of the Indian city of Cahokia mounds state historic site

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One of the ancient civilizations, standing on a high stage and now disappeared from the face of the earth, is the so-called Mississippi culture. It is the largest native American culture, which for eight centuries (from VIII to XVI century ad) existed in the South-Eastern United States.

If you compare it with European culture, then the level of production it was similar to the bronze age.

Тайны индейского города Кахокия

The largest and most interesting monument Missisipsky culture is the ancient Indian city of Cahokia mounds state historic site located in the United States for the territory of Illinois, on the Mississippi river near the town of Collinsville.

Cahokia mounds state historic site is a complex of 109 barrows. The construction of mounds that are the burial and at the same time places of worship — the hallmark of the Mississippi culture. Excavations have shown that originally they were 120, but not all of them survived.

The famous Cahokia mounds were built by ancient Indian tribes that inhabited this area in the period from VII-XIV in BC They are unique archeological monument since 1982, is under the protection of UNESCO.

Тайны индейского города Кахокия

The amazing harmony of the complex, the complicated structure of the mounds and their locations are evidence that this ancient Indian civilization was highly developed and prosperous. The fact that the erection of these tombs took about one and a half million cubic meters of earth, said the existence of the unique technologies and methods of construction, representatives of this civilization.

Those who visited Cahokia and saw the ruins of the ancient city, saying it’s amazing and fascinating spectacle. It smells some sort of mystical force, preserved to our days. Cahokia mounds state historic site has a very powerful energy, it is well felt by the people, not even having a clear idea about the bioenergy fields.

The highest point of the flowering of Mississippi culture in the Cahokia lasted for two centuries, it lasted from about 1050 to 1250 BC by the archeological Research showed that this Indian city was extended on the territory of slightly more than 2 km2. The city’s population was about 40 thousand people. This means that the city was compact and densely populated. This compact accommodation is more evidence of a highly organized society.

According to the researchers, the residents of Cahokia had extensive and accurate knowledge of astronomy. This is evidenced by a unique find outside the city walls — a kind of calendar, built of wooden stakes. The city itself was surrounded by a fence, and behind him, not far, apparently was something like the first astronomical laboratory of the local Indians.

Тайны индейского города Кахокия

In a circle in the ground was vertically driven into the high stakes. Four of them pointed to the point of sunrise at the main astronomical days of the year — the day of the summer and winter solstice and spring and autumn equinoxes. The appointment of others to understand yet, but it is clear that they served the Indians as the calendar and the position of each is no accident — it notes from any meaningful for the residents of Cahokia date.

Interestingly, the Central mound complex, the so-called Monastic, is built in such a place that the four days a year the sun seems to be accurate from it. This probably had an important ritual significance in the beliefs of the Indians of Cahokia.

The religion of the inhabitants of Cahokia was a complex set of pagan beliefs and rites. This is indicated by numerous mystical images found in the excavation of barrows. One of the main symbols was the image of a Falcon.

It was revered as a mystical entity, engaged in communication between humans and gods. In the form of a Falcon did the tombs of the most revered leaders. During the performance of rituals, the priests painted their faces, mimicking the color of the head of a Falcon. His image is also often met on clothes.

Тайны индейского города Кахокия

Another common iconic image was a cross, located in the circle from which emanate the rays of the sun pointing side of the world. The symbolic meaning of this image is still not clear. But surprising is the fact that such images were also found in other parts of the world have completely different cultures, scattered in space and in time.

How it brings together unrelated peoples and cultures is a great mystery, over which fighting religious scholars and anthropologists around the world.

Burial ceremonies of the Indians of Cahokia was, on the one hand, very lush, but amazed by their cruelty. In the tombs of chiefs or other notable people of the city found numerous elaborate jewellery made of precious stones. Themselves crypts and burial bed was decorated with amazing skill. They were decorated with thousands of polished shells, ornaments made of arrowheads, ornaments of mica and copper.

Тайны индейского города Кахокия

And here in the crypts, near the tomb of a noble of the deceased, were the remains of dozens of people with signs of violent death. Men cut the throat of the woman was strangled. Apparently, they were slaves or someone from the household of the late leader, who were killed to accompany his master to heaven.

The decline of the Mississippi culture is at the end of the XVI century To the time of the visit Cahokia by James cook, there is not left of the indigenous population in this area lived nomadic Indian tribes that have no relations to the original inhabitants of this city. What happened to the creators of the mounds why this advanced civilization disappeared from the face of the earth — is still unknown.

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