In Brest region the fisherman caught a fish mutant (photos)

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В Брестской области рыбак поймал рыбу-мутант (фото)

Even zoologists are not yet able to determine what it is.

— I just went fishing on one ditch, even in the summer it was. The groove is small, near the railroad is — she goes into the forest, — says a resident of the city Malaryta Brest region Maxim. Well, decided to catch fingerlings for bait, and pulled strange these fish. Blue are the size of a mobile phone and eyes large. First time a fish saw.

The next day the guy came there with his father. Again they caught these strange fish. Took a few photos and forgot about this case. About fish remembered when he met his friend, a member of the nature sanctuary «vygonoshchanskoye» Alexander Ivanov.

— I’m doing Zoology, but seen for the first time, — says the expert. — Whether it is a tadpole, or even some obscure fish, is unknown. And near the groove there is no factory, no factory to speak of mutation.

Photo of Aleksandr Ivanov gave scientists, but still no answer, what kind of animal, and has not received.


«It can be exotic fish»

— At the moment to say exactly what kind, we can’t. Animal is very like a tadpole. Maybe it’s some kind of exotic fish. After all, in Belarus came when the piranhas were, — says «KP» situation zoologist Alexander vinchevski. – That is a new some kind, unlikely. Most are new species found for birds and insects. And amphibians, because they are inactive, then, in principle, all studied. As for mutation, then this factor cannot be ruled out. But until we received reliable information from colleagues, materials .

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