The American took video of the black ball in the sky over California (video)

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The American took video of the black ball in the sky over California. A resident of the United States captured hovering in the sky over the national Park Joshua tree unidentified object, a UFO-shaped, while waiting for my order at the local diner.

Американец снял на видео черный шар в небе над Калифорнией (видео)

According to an eyewitness, at 6:15 p.m. he went to the window fast food restaurant Sonic Drive-In to get something to eat.

«I made the order and gave the money to the girl, – says the witness. In that moment, when she gave me the change, I noticed in the sky a dark ball, which was moving right in front of me.»

According to an eyewitness, he immediately realized that it was not a bird and not a plane, so, long without deliberating, the guy pulled out his phone and began filming this object.

The witness of the incident said that the ball seemed to rotate, moreover, he saw around him a sort of aura (it is slightly visible on the record). Also, the witness noted that during the incident he felt completely relaxed and even peaceful, despite the fact that at that moment he observed something unusual.

At some point he was interrupted by the girl from the diner, so he lost the UFO from sight. Taking your order, the witness immediately tried to find the object in the sky to keep shooting. But the balloon was already far enough, moreover, he began to decline and soon disappeared in the background of the mountains.

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