Has become known where in Germany were extraterrestrial Buddha statue

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In 2012, in Germany, discovered a unique metal statuette of the Buddha on his chest, which adorned the ornaments, apparently similar to a swastika. Although scientists have already determined that the Nazis borrowed that symbol in Tibet, but means it is not fascism, but the movement of the sun (in one direction or another – male and female) that in many ancient cultures was associated with a sense of goodness and luck.

Стало известно, откуда в Германии появилась внеземная статуя Будды

So «swastika» on the chest of the Buddha was quite natural, and another thing, how the Nazis took this statue? The mystery is even deeper when it has been determined that the statue with a height of 24 centimeters and weighs 10 kilograms, is made of alien alloys. After all sorts of tests and assumptions, the researchers agreed that the most «convenient» for them — a Buddhist statue made of meteorite, which fell on our Land somewhere on the border of Russian Siberia and Mongolia about 15-20 thousand years ago. But the Nazis allegedly just stole from Tibet in 1938 in an attempt to prove to themselves and to the world that the Aryan race, to which they identify, is the oldest and most advanced in all respects the people of our planet.

Стало известно, откуда в Германии появилась внеземная статуя Будды

Not so long ago a historian of Iran Engelhardt refuted the theory that the Nazis stole the statue of Buddha in Tibet. According to his research, the Germans gave the Russian artist Nicholas Roerich. The famous painter has really taken the «cosmic» Buddha from Tibet, but I doubt he stole it, most likely, received as a gift — as a sign of respect. Roerich, in turn, gave the Buddha of Germany, not the Nazis, and a German scientist who was interested in Tibetan culture and spiritual heritage of this amazing place on our planet.

But if this theory, more or less, everything fell into place, it is of an extraterrestrial origin of Buddha statues, nothing is clear, all of this remains a mystery…


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