The hypothesis of a Hollow Earth and the mystery of props Albergo

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The legend that beneath the surface of the Earth is another world, telling thousands of years. In different centuries under the earth, placed the realm of the dead, evil spirits, seekers survivors of Atlantis or a secret base of aliens.

It is believed that the entrance to the underworld is located somewhere in Antarctica or in the Arctic or here and there. About them goes a lot bike. So one time there were rumors that Adolf Hitler himself and some of his followers escaped into the underground world of the hollow Earth through a hole in the Antarctic after world war II.

Гипотеза Полой Земли и загадка пресных айбергов

One of the proofs of his innocence, the supporters of the theory of a hollow Earth is called the existence of huge reservoirs of fresh ice at the poles. The splinter from his icebergs are also made of freshwater, not salt water. But where the poles took in as much fresh water? It flows from the rivers of the underworld, say the supporters of the theory of a hollow Earth.

Science says that ice and Auberge fresh due to the fact that during the evaporation of salty ocean water will presnet and falls as rain. Then the snow is compressed into ice under its own weight.

However, the Italian specialist in parts of Antarctica, Bernacchi once said that over 11.5 months, during which he wintered there, where they have received only 50 mm of rainfall; and although often it was snowing, deep snow never piled up.

«Where can I find material for icebergs in such conditions? — asks Bernacchi. — But one of those that are here — the largest on earth: it has such dimensions that it is even called not iceberg, and the Great Ice Barrier; its length is over 700 miles and a width of 90 kilometers.»

Proponents of the theory of a Hollow Earth, pointing to the mystery of that iceberg, is adamant that such ice mountains were not formed in the Antarctic and its surrounding oceans of salt water.

In his book «Journey inside the Earth» (1920) Marshall B. Gardner through the freshwater part of the iceberg proves the theory that mammoths and other prehistoric animals continue to live in a warm climate the inside surface of the Land. According to Gardner, these animals then fall to the Earth’s surface due to the flow of the freshwater rivers in which they freeze when the water is at the pole becomes ice.

Гипотеза Полой Земли и загадка пресных айбергов

About freshwater warm river flowing from the hollow Earth, also mentions in his book known at the time of the Chilean esoteric, conspiracy theorists and Nazi Miguel Serrano.

Actually, he was a politician, Ambassador of Chile to India, Bulgaria, Austria, talked with Roerich, Indira Gandhi, Dalai Lama XIV, and many other world-famous celebrities, and after the Second world war has long worked at the United Nations Commission on atomic energy.

But for all that he has put forward an incredibly crazy theory of human development and the emergence of a race of superhumans that Serrano published before the Second world war, and she was so impressed Hitler and theorists of the Third Reich, they took it on Board. One of the sections of this theory focuses on the existence of a hollow earth.

Serrano believes that inside the earth there is a space fit for people, which has its sun, the grass, the trees, the river. In the hollow earth inhabited by the representatives of the coming race the Earth, and you can get there through a system of mountain caves in the Himalayas, Tibet, Pamir, Andes, but also there there is the entrance and at the poles – the Arctic and Antarctica.

Serrano mentions the existence near the coast of Antarctica oasis of warm waters from the confluence of the warm ocean of the rivers of the Hollow earth, and he himself made a journey to Antarctica in 1947-1948, along with the Chilean military expedition. He was the only civilian member of the expedition and assume that this expedition was something to do with rumors of a secret base of the Nazis in the ice of Antarctica.

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