A 12,000 year old skull with a chip found underwater in Mexico

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12000-летний череп с микросхемой обнаружили под водой в Мексике

Divers recently descended in a giant cave system SAC-Aktun in the Mexican part of the Yucatan Peninsula, they found the remains of a man aged about 12 thousand years. According to archaeologist Guillermo de Anda, one of the cave lay a human skull covered with limestone. Scientists believe that this contributed to rainwater, that is, the remains were in the soil long before 317-kilometrowy SAC-Aktun was flooded 9 thousand years ago .

If you believe the experts, numerous bones belong to the Maya, who could come down here in search of drinking water and to wait out the various cataclysms. The above skull was acknowledged by the researchers discovery of extraordinary importance, what has interested many researchers of antiquity, however, a little later, archaeologists have suddenly ceased to talk about him like nothing was found. This prompted even more curiosity of the world community. Mexican journalist Pedro Sanche, who was imprisoned, by the way, 9 months in prison for his too free civil views, argues that one of the insiders told him about the secret of the skull, and this secret was truly incredible.

Skull with a chip became objectionable artifact

The Mexican says that the experts suddenly found in the skull of an artificial implant. First, men of science felt that it is a regular metal plate implanted in the head of an Indian, after the craniotomy (such surgery at that far from the us already practiced), but in fact it turned out to be a completely different artifact, and the scientists could not believe their eyes. Sanche says that in the skull of the Indian was a real microchip, and all indicates that he was implanted early man 12 thousand years ago! How is it possible that no one even imagine. Inappropriate discovery, following the Charter, quickly handed over to the authorities, and those strictly forbidden archaeologists to dwell on it.

12000-летний череп с микросхемой обнаружили под водой в Мексике

It is argued that the skull showed signs of cranial surgery, and a mysterious integrated circuits, copper has been expertly implanted in the bone of the parietal lobe. Using the microscope, scientists found the chip very fine, branching network of contacts. We can only guess who implanted the most complex chip in the head of a Mayan and what a sensation would be to this news if she hadn’t made secret from us. However, such objectionable official science and the authorities of the fantastic artifacts found consistently, however, even when it comes to public covering breaking news in our world, nothing changes, and Sami finds somewhere to disappear without a trace. In this case, the microchip is «buried» not even making it on time a sensation for the General public. This happens everywhere…

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