Caves on the moon led the TOP of the most scandalous stories about space in 2017

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Пещеры на Луне возглавили ТОП самых громких историй о космосе в 2017 году

Less than a week over the next year, and humanity is still looking for alien creatures. What brought us 2017-th year? During this period, a lot has happened and very meaningful. The speech will be about the events connected with the cosmos. A lot of people from all over the world witness the unique phenomena of the cosmic plan, and in this article we will list the most notorious of them.

Lunar caves

These unique objects were discovered by scientists from Japan, the return of interest to the academic community the theme of colonization of the moon. In October of this year employees «NASA», it was announced that the moon found a particular cave, for the length of approximately 50 km, and width – 1 thousand m. This object was seen orbiting probe, known as «Kaguya». It is located under the Marius Hills, which is a volcanic region. Scientists concluded that the space out there presented in the form of the lava tube resulting from impact of volcanic activity that happened more than 3, 5 billion years ago.

Пещеры на Луне возглавили ТОП самых громких историй о космосе в 2017 году

The researchers argue that the objects can act as an ideal place for establishing lunar bases there. The tunnel walls are very thick and durable so that they can act as protection for colonists.

What is missing in the history of the formation of planets?

In 2014, the media was big news on space. Then it became known story of the probe under the name «Rosetta» as well as the first successful landing for space applications, called «Philae» on the comet. Mission completed in the previous year, when the probe crashed on the comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko.

Пещеры на Луне возглавили ТОП самых громких историй о космосе в 2017 году

The information that was collected by the probe, contains the missing link in the history of the formation of planets. Scientists have found that a millimeter dust particles covering the outer layers of the comet, which equals 4.5 billion years, mixed with internal ice particles that are inside the comet. This kind of symbiosis explain only one model that describes the formation of objects of large sizes, located in the Solar system.

The mystery of the missing stars

Astrologers from Korea have found a star included in the constellation of Scorpio, from which emanated a very bright light for two weeks, after which it simply disappeared. Researchers failed to explain the fact of appearance and disappearance of the object. Scientists have spent the whole 600 years to resolve such complex puzzles.

Пещеры на Луне возглавили ТОП самых громких историй о космосе в 2017 году

As the author of the discovery was made by Michael Ball, is an astrophysicist and an employee of the American Museum of natural history. Scientists found that his colleagues from Korea in the 15th century met with these disasters. It turns out that in the epicenter of events was 2 cosmic body: a normal star with a white dwarf.

Upon reaching critical values of density and temperature of a white dwarf is the release of energy is a powerful force that was named the new. This phenomenon on a cosmic scale, usually accompanied by a tremendous flash.

Assessment of the probability of life on Enceladus

In the popular scientific journal «Science» posted data regarding the origin of Enceladus some chemical reactions similar to fixed near geothermal springs on the planet. To this conclusion the researchers came after analysis of the information gathered famous interplanetary station «Cassini»

Пещеры на Луне возглавили ТОП самых громких историй о космосе в 2017 году

Astronomers say, the hydrogen source is a continuous chemical reaction between hot water and rocks. The conclusion of the current professionals can act as a confirmation of the results of the previous research figures.

Scientists took Enceladus for the potential habitat of life of extraterrestrial origin after finding 12 years ago a certain subsurface ocean.

The answer to the mystery signal «Weird!»

In 1977 astronomers working at the University in Ohio, during the everyday monitoring in search of the alien creatures found abnormal kind of radio message.

Пещеры на Луне возглавили ТОП самых громких историй о космосе в 2017 году

The first time such a signal was observed on may 12 Puerto Rican Observatory. The source of the message was located from «Ross 128». Within 10 minutes the signal fluctuated with the eternal periodicity, however, in the end, he simply disappeared from sight.

The collision of 2 neutron stars type

In order to monitor the light emission and the waves of the gravitational force of one and the same event space plan apply detectors of gravitational waves «Virgo» and «LIGO. This unique phenomenon was watched by several other telescopes, so that the phenomenon was able to look at different angles.

Пещеры на Луне возглавили ТОП самых громких историй о космосе в 2017 году

During the observation the scientists of the proof of origin short blast of gamma radiation due to collisions of two objects. Even the telescope «Fermi» was able to give first confirmation of the predicted hypothesis on the implementation of the movement of the waves of gravity at the speed of light.

Sand and water on Mars

As one of the most frequently discussed topics was the announcement regarding the finding of the flow of liquid water on the neighboring planet Mars. As a result of the subsequent research was able to learn about the fallacy of this phenomenon. The threads are actually there on Mars but most likely mainly in their composition is water and not sand-like considered before.

Пещеры на Луне возглавили ТОП самых громких историй о космосе в 2017 году

Scientists have not been able to find a full explanation of the above phenomenon. Many experts argue that the flows can occur on Mars due to the influence of one or another mechanism of weather on the planet.

In this article we talk about the biggest stories of space topics in the current ending year. Talking about it will speak, and more will appear all new and new information. So you should observe what is happening, to follow the news, because further more interesting.

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