Stay in space forever changes your DNA

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Either outer space is even weirder than we thought, or at NASA has been reading the comic book «Fantastic four» (in which the four astronauts got superpowers after exposure to the «comic energy»). Anyway, according to the published in February of 2018, the statement from NASA, being in space can change your DNA.

The change of DNA was proved by the experiment with identical twin astronauts Scott and mark Kelly, for whom, carefully watched for a whole year after 2 March 2016 Scott Kelly returned after almost a yearlong stay on the international space station.

Пребывание в космосе навсегда изменяет вашу ДНК

The study of twins was part of a larger program «Human Research Project» to study the effects of outer space on the human body. The study is being conducted in preparation for the possible flight of a group of colonists on Mars in the future, in which people will long time to be in outer space in the ship on the way to the red planet.

54-year-old identical twins Kelly like all identical twins have identical DNA, making them ideal candidates for the experiment. Especially identical twins among the astronauts are even rarer than among other professions.

Scott Kelly has been to space 340 days without a break, while his brother mark had four, but short-term flight (a total of 54 days). During the study, watching and brethren were taken into account any changes in the appearance and in the internal organs and the fact that it turned out in the end, looks quite strange.

Although many physical changes Scott Kelly (such as growth) came back to normal after a year of stay on Earth, he found a permanent change in DNA. It turned out that about 7% of the DNA of Scott Kelly has been modified on an ongoing basis.

Based on this, NASA has concluded that there is a «gene space» that can be activated/changed only after hitting a man in the conditions of being in space that led to a change in the DNA of Scott Kelly.

Among these 7% of the genes that have changed, were genes associated with the immune system, bone formation, hypoxia (oxygen deficiency) and hypercapnia (excess CO2 in blood). Not specified, positive changes appeared or they have led to deterioration of health and well-being of Cattle Kelly.

Scott Kelly to the ISS

Пребывание в космосе навсегда изменяет вашу ДНК

There were other changes. While Scott Kelly to the ISS, its intestinal bacteria have changed, but returned to normal when he returned to earth. And scientists don’t know what was the reason for the differences in the types of food impact the environment or the presence of some radiation.

The scientists also studied the mental abilities of Scott Kelly and found that he had no changes after contact from Earth to the ISS, but after returning from the ISS was a small decrease in mental abilities. Maybe it happened because of the return of a calm and quiet space in a noisy and busy modern city.

Sam Scott Kelly admits that about the fact that he has 7% changed DNA, he lamented in the newspaper like any ordinary reader, and for him it seems a little strange.

Full results of the study of twins Kelly will be published later.

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