The story of a former military pilot reveals the secrets of secret «Area-51»

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Рассказ бывшего военного летчика приоткрывает тайны секретной «Зоны-51»

A former military pilot Robert Miller, who is now ninety years old, decided to tell the General public through channel ApexTV about how he had the time to test «flying saucer», created by alien technology at a secret «Area 51» .

A secret base in the Nevada desert has long attracted the attention of ufologists and conspiracy theorists who believe that there was taken the wreckage of a UFO that crashed near Roswell in 1947 and alien bodies with this device. So Robert Miller’s story confirms this, because «Area 51» in strict confidence (neither words, and even family, what was he doing there) worked for his father, and then under the patronage of his to this base falls and the Robert – at that time already an experienced military pilot.

Adjudged as the test created by the alien technology of the «flying saucer,» which Robert describes as a disc-shaped apparatus with a diameter of 15 meters, with a transparent dome on top, the only chair under him and a mysterious helmet for the test – and no wheels or other devices for control of this mysterious disk.

The test of «flying saucers» to «Area 51»

The pilot explained that the «flying saucer» uses antimatter, and managed it by the power of thought, that is, telepathically, by this unusual hat, so no wheel is not required. Wearing a helmet, Robert in fact one idea was able to launch the gravity engines, and then fly over the plateau, where I passed the test apparatus. All of this was filmed on film.

From the ground the pilot was ordered to climb to a height of 300 meters, but already at an altitude of 150 meters «flying saucer» suddenly stopped working and began to fall. When the surface of the earth was only a few meters, Robert lost consciousness. He woke up in a hospital bed in the same «Area 51». He understood from the story of her staff during the testing apparatus began to fall, but it reached several meters to the ground, just gone. All participants in the test, waited a bit and went, and at night they were awakened by the rumble at the place where it should be, lay broken «plate» (falling late in polusotni) and Robert unconscious with severed legs. It turns out that Miller somehow traveled back in time, fly a bit in the future…

Рассказ бывшего военного летчика приоткрывает тайны секретной «Зоны-51»

Miller treated her and took a subscription about nondisclosure and dismissed. And for many years he was silent, like his father, because he was warned that otherwise it will end badly for him and for his family. But today, as stated by a former pilot on channel ApexTV he is old and he has nothing to fear, but to live with such a burden of lies tired – let the public know what’s going on in secret «Area 51». Learn more about all of this you can find out by looking at the accession of Robert Miller, the video has captions in Russian language. To believe or not to believe this story is up to you and only you.

By the way, Robert is well aware that his statement may seem pure nonsense, why immediately warns the skeptics: he’s not talking to them, and those who can think, analyze and maybe change something in this life, because since then many years have passed, and it is difficult even to imagine what they do the dreaded «men in black» secret «Area-51» now…

Video: the Story of a former military pilot reveals the secrets of secret «Area-51»

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