In search of the philosopher’s stone

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В поисках философского камня

Any information on the philosopher’s stone is a legend. And who can believe that there is a certain substance, the use of which draws a simple metal alloy in gold or silver bullion. Besides, it was argued that, thanks to this mysterious things, how, want to prolong life or to create an elixir that bestows health and endless youth. Only at the beginning of the search, a mysterious substance called the philosopher’s stone. In consequence, it was renamed and called the «first matter».

For years, alchemists spent in endless experiments. They created the basis of modern Sciences such as metallurgy or chemistry, but their main goal is to find the first matter, and remained inaccessible to them. You can admire the stories about the search for the philosopher’s stone, but the real story about him inconceivably cruel that ruined the fate of thousands of people.

According to historical documents, the first person who owned a magic stone, became a resident of Ancient Egypt, Hermes Trismegistus. It is not known, the real or legendary, this historic character. Maybe we are talking about the ancient Egyptian God called Thoth? On the tomb of Trismegistus were found records called tablets of Hermes. On the stone is carved 13 counsel to future generations.

It should be noted that Trismegistus wrote many books, but unfortunately most of them perished with the Alexandrian library, and others, according to historical documents, was hidden in a secret place, the location of which remained unknown. It survived only a few not very successful translations of books of the first alchemist. Thus, the recipe of the primordial Hermes was lost.

The second owner of the philosopher’s stone is considered to be king Midas, who, according to legend, got it from the Dionysus. Said that no matter what a Midas touch, everything turned to gold. Sounds nice, but is it the truth? It is known that Midas owned gold mines located in France. Perhaps the source of gold in its Treasury has no secrets, and quite prosaic.

A surge in the search for the recipe of a mysterious stone falls in the middle of the X century.

So, once again, the English monarch Edward instructed his alchemist to smelt more gold, giving him all the necessary experience. The alchemist complied with the order. Gold was very high quality. Some coins minted from it are kept in museums in England.

Another historical mystery. In a very short time period of the Emperor Rudolf II had a huge stock of precious metals in ingots (about 15 tons!). Everyone knew that the monarch had a very small stock of precious metals and sudden wealth. And this gold was, surprisingly, extremely clean and high-grade that at the time was not technically feasible.

Unfortunately, most alchemists often cheated their customers. For example, quack-alchemist took a piece of iron, smelted it, and after a few passes with the wand over the metal presented to the amazement of the audience of hardened metal with a small piece of gold. And the focus was only sleight of hand cheater: making passes, he casually threw into the boiling metal, this piece of gold.

The philosopher’s stone was trying to find many talented scientists and researchers. Among them were Roger Boyle and Isaac Newton. There is a theory that Newton was ahead in the search of primordial famous alchemist Nicolas Flamel. Once in the hands of Flamel got an ancient Jewish book. It sold him on the street the beggar man. The book itself was in the gilded cover and pages are made of treated bark of young trees. Called a unique treatise «the Book of Abraham the Jew». Flamel took a lot of time and effort to translate a book written with the help of drevneindiysky characters and cabalistic signs. And on the first page was written a warning about the death of who dare to read it. Twenty years Lamely managed to decipher the writing in the book, and he allegedly discovered the secret of the philosopher’s stone. Immediately rumors spread that the couple of Flamelet got rich quickly and has a great health. Flamel has acquired enormous property.

The rumor about a talented alchemist, had spread throughout Europe. Special interest was aroused by books written Flamelet. They successful scientist described his life and the history of alchemical books, through which he revealed the secret of the primordial.

Left alone, after the death of his wife, Flamel all of their money was spend on charity, built churches, shelters for the poor, hospitals…

Although the official date of his death is considered a 1417 year, many said that Flamel faked his death and went to Tibet, the mystical and mysterious Shambhala. He’s gone to Shambhala can not believe it, but when the 16th century opened the tomb of Flamel, it was empty. Preserved evidence that in the 18th century, Flamel saw in the Turkish province – and it is four centuries after his death!

In 1700, during his travels in the East, the French doctor Paul Luke met a Holy man, who looked to be about 30 years old, but his actual age — hundred years! He told the traveler that lived in the remote abode of the sages, and he stays young thanks to touchstone, transferred to him by Nikola Flamelet. Darwish claimed that Flamel and his wife alive, as well as the count of St. Germain.

The fate of the treatise «the Book of Abraham the Jew». After the “imaginary” death of Flamel’t found her, but it was later, in the archive of cardinal Richelieu, which subordinates to they searched all the houses Flamel after his death.

Many people know about Female, but historians give a lot of examples where the alchemists became suddenly very rich. For example, a George Ripley, who lived in the 15th century, donated a huge, at that time, the amount of 100 thousand pounds the order of St. John of Jerusalem (at the current rate, this amount is about$ 1 billion US). The Austrian Emperor Ferdinand III was so infected alchemic experiments that you personally have received from mercury and powder, cooked alchemist Echthausen, high carat gold. The hunt for gold was not spared and So the famous astronomer Brahe, who built near his Observatory laboratory, where he conducted numerous experiments on transformation of substances.

In the 17th century the Scottish adept Alexander Seton, in the presence of scientists of the most famous universities in the melt in the vessel a mixture of sulfur with lead, then added to the mixture of the unknown yellow powder, a few minutes, stirring the mixture with a rod of iron, and when extinguished, the pundits saw the vessel of pure gold. By order of kurfust Alexander of Saxony was captured, tortured, but he never revealed the secret. With the help of a Polish nobleman, he managed to escape from the dungeons, and in gratitude for saving Alexander gave the pole residues of the philosopher’s stone. But not for long, this artifact was in the hands of the Polish alchemist who had cheated him at the court of the Duke of württemberg, where he intended to show the experience of transmutation, and took away the philosopher’s stone. After that traces the philosopher’s stone, previously owned by Alexander Seton, are lost.

Modern scientists believe it is possible the existence of methods that transformerait one substance to another. The only question is, how could the alchemists, possessing only the knowledge of medieval science, to achieve such stunning results? Science is can not answer this question. And even assuming that the ancients managed to create an elixir of eternal youth, then the representatives of an ancient civilization could survive to the present day. And perhaps they are among us, you never know!

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