The mystery of the ancient «living gods»

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Indirect evidence of the possible existence of advanced civilizations in antediluvian times can serve as legends about some «living gods». These gods, suddenly appeared in his time among the wild human tribes in ancient times, taught the savages the arts of agriculture and many other arts.

Quetzalcoatl, the main deity in the Pantheon of gods of the Aztecs. His name means feathered serpent, is a creature, probably able to fly.

«The remarkable dual nature of Quetzalcoatl, says researcher of anomalous phenomena A. Maslov. — On the one hand, he’s definitely a deity, but on the other hand — man, and this side clearly prevails in most stories. Rather, it is the representative of some higher powers, rather than their expression.»

Загадка древних "живых богов"

If you deliver Quetzalcoatl og mythological sediment, we will be very tall gray-haired man with a white beard, has a great knowledge in astronomy, architecture and more.

This demigod-poluchelovek brought people to the calendar, identify the time on astronomical observations, knowledge about metallurgy, about the processing of stone and even a complex system of beliefs. He taught people the basics of mathematics, have developed a system of writing and taught them how to take notes.

Ancient Chinese legends tell of the sage Fuxi, who appeared out of nowhere. This demigod-the half-human, half attributed to a number of cultural inventions. He taught people writing, hunting and fishing, explained how to cook the meat, set the rules of marriage and some other public laws. Before us a character who actually brought the people what we call culture.

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The second largest sage of antiquity is called in Chinese mythology, Huang. He is considered the ancestor of the Chinese nation and in folklore is valued even higher than the Government.

Researcher A. Maslov draws attention to the dual nature of Huangdi, which is surprising unites him with other character of ancient legends of Quetzalcoatl. On the one hand, it’s outwardly quite normal in all respects. On the other hand, he-the Supreme ruler over the host of some deities.

Загадка древних "живых богов"

«He was the ruler of the Center, indicates A. Maslov, citing Chinese sources— while a number of weaker deities ruled by the four cardinal directions and considered his subordinates.»

Once one of his subordinates named Chiyo rebelled against Huang. With him to fight with Huang went eighty brothers Chiyo. Very interesting description of the external appearance of the brothers. Each of them had copper head and iron forehead, four eyes and six hands.

A. Maslov asks a fair question: «does this Not remind us this description of whether robots or people dressed in suits with multiple manipulators and observation?».

Being named Chiyo (Chi)

Загадка древних "живых богов"

Huang won the battle with a gang of Chiyo. And he achieved victory in a very strange way. On odnogolosyj and many-armed brothers Chiyo was given something like a specific acoustic effect. Daughter Huang ordered to beat some wonderful drums.

As soon as he heard their fight, gang Chiyo lost the ability to move, frozen stiff in its full composition on the spot. And then, obeying a new battle, wonderful drums, fled in different directions.

It seems that the primitive Chinese, who left us the myth of odnogolosyj brothers Chiyo, was faced with some mechanical creatures. But who created them?

Since ancient times the Chinese Emperor was called «Son of Heaven». This nickname dates back to the time when the rules of the country, sitting in your mysterious «Center», Huang.

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In the myths it is said that Huangdi came down from heaven to earth on a strange chariot. Her description is strikingly similar aircraft that had a complex structure. Along with him came at the «plane» his many servants, and was brought obscure mechanisms.

The version of alien, that is, the assumption of landing in ancient China, people from another planet, is eliminated entirely. Huang was quite an ordinary man. His code of the DNA molecule was entirely earthly, for he had had sexual relations with local women and had them numerous offspring. How on earth he arrived at his «plane»?

A number of historians have noted a mysterious parallel existence in Ancient Egypt of two races, which are correlated with each other as gentlemen and citizens, or even slaves. English Professor B. emery writes in his book «Ancient Egypt»: «This race is so markedly different from each other, even the external data that it seems to confirm the theory about the arrival in North Africa of the «people of nowhere»»

The aliens called themselves «followers of Horus», that is, the solar deity in the Pantheon of Egyptian gods. In the future, all who ruled in Egypt, the pharaohs proudly called themselves the «sons of Horus».

Загадка древних "живых богов"

V. emery reports: «the Theory of the existence of this master race is supported by the finds in graves in the Northern part of upper Egypt, which contain the skeletal remains of a people whose skulls were of greater size and whose bodies were much higher and wider than that of the local population.

The differences between them were so marked that any suggestion that tall people are the master race has gone from the earlier barrel of the tribes that lived since ancient times in these places, it is impossible».

Unusual origins of race are still unclear to historians. «Followers of Horus» was, from the point of view of local residents, the demigods-half human.

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These demigods, appearing in Central America, in China, in Egypt, have always acted as gentlemen, wise rulers, which brought a variety of knowledge to people.

Whence came, for example, in Egypt, the demigods-half human? In the famous Egyptian «pyramid Texts» said, «from where the sun sets». But in neighboring territories are not met during the existence of Ancient Egypt krupnomery giants with big heads. Does this mean that their homeland had disappeared, and they became truly «people of nowhere», suddenly appeared in the territory of Egypt?

All of the above again and again brings us back to thoughts about the existence in ancient times of some advanced civilization, the ancestral home which had disappeared, together with the overwhelming majority of representatives of this mysterious civilization. Was it the same Atlantis or something else, unfortunately, is unknown.

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