The Ghost from the toy store

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It is a common misconception that ghosts live only in old mansions and crumbling castles. Modern supermarket of toys, «Toys R US» in Sunnyvale, California, is located on the site where in the nineteenth century was a farm and Apple orchard.

In the shop many years earlier were seen active poltergeist. Perhaps the former owner of the farm, which, as it turned out, disliked children, was just unhappy with what has become of his former home.

Each morning, arriving at work, workers discovered that the items scattered on the floor, or someone moved them to other shelves. Staff turnover increased when some members of the staff began to hear the voice that is calling them by name, or they began to touch someone’s invisible hand.

Призрак из магазина игрушек

The workers were also bothered by the delightful smell of fresh flowers, however, only in 1978, when the Ghost began to show increased attention to women in the ladies ‘ room, the incident drew the attention of the press and everyone interested in the paranormal. As a result, local journalist Antoinette may, Sylvia Browne psychic, photographer and a few Ghost hunters decided to spend the night in the store.

When sold, all staff and the premises put out the light, Sylvia began to feel like a group of someone approaching. With her inner vision she saw a tall, thin man, who was walking down the aisle to her with his hands in his pockets. In her head she heard his voice speaking with a Swedish accent.

The man introduced himself as johnny Johnson and warned her that she will get wet if you stay where is now. Later it turned out that at that place existed a well. Sylvia has built a strong relationship with the Ghost of Johnson, and she was able to learn its history.

The famous photo with the Ghost of a man from the toy store in Sunnyvale

Призрак из магазина игрушек

He came to California in the mid 1800-ies from Pennsylvania, where once was a preacher. However, he subsequently suffered an inflammation of the brain, which affected his behavior. This may help explain his antics in the store and the ladies, as well as the nickname «Crazy johnny», which he received at the time from local residents.

In the last years of his life, johnny was working as a hired worker on the farm of John Murphy and was hopelessly in love with a woman named Elizabeth taffy. She later left him and married a lawyer broke his heart. Johnny was 80 years old when he died from blood loss in an accident: he hurt himself with an axe when chopping wood.

Photographs taken by Arthur Myers for a book about ghosts, «the Phenomenon of ghosts» in the aisles of the store you can see the figure of a man. It is surprising that a broad public publicity received by this event, not only scared buyers, but even reassured employees that no longer bothered unusual phenomenon, because they knew that this is just «Crazy johnny».

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