«Blessed Valia» — an offbeat wise woman, the healer and clairvoyant of the Stavropol village

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This is a great article about a very unusual woman — Valentina Baranova, who had a set of super-powers and the authenticity of its unusual power to prove the stories of local residents about it. This written material was in 1994, several years after the death Baranova, and published in the newspaper «top secret». Unfortunately, in our time of publications about «the Blessed Vale» almost there, but it was essentially Russian Wang.

Valentina p. Baranova (Val, None) — the woman was led past, present and future. It was said that she knew the evil spirit and doing dark deeds. Her personal life remained a mystery to all, and this creates gossip, rumors and speculation. Valya Blessed tragically died on 3 March 1988. About this extraordinary woman our story.

Village Kugulta with height. Photo: Bond VG

"Блаженная Валя" - неординарная знахарка, целительница и ясновидящая из ставропольского села

In an old Cossack village Kugulta, Stavropol, Baranova settled before the great Patriotic war. At that time she was 45 years old. Am an outcast for a time became a topic of conversation among the villagers. She was, as they say, ubogonky, blessed, not of this world.

From early spring to late autumn, went in a shirt, barefoot, all day could be sitting on a cold stone, and no hvoroba it did not take. Talking to people, she sometimes rolled her eyes and shook his head, but thinking straight.

The first conflict with neighbors showed that Baranova is best avoided. Ubogonky violently showered opponents with obscene language and calmed down immediately. Where she came from and what he did before, if she has any kin — no matter how much I fought curious to find out are unable.

Valentine lived closed: it is walked and did not call to him. Those, who managed to get her into the house, often caught her reading of old books that Baranova was set. These books Yes, a beautiful picture on the wall brought the villagers to the idea that the origin of it rich.

Shortly after moving Valentina to her began to come people, and the village rumor: blessed speaks of the disease and predicts the future. In the war to her secretly ran Baba to learn the fate of husbands at the front. And the words were true. As said Valentina Pavlovna, and so it happened: Peter was back in one piece, Ivan was wounded, and Vasil died. Not since that time disliked the villagers Valentina? Perhaps one of bitter widows accused her that she novorosia husband’s death, and threw her face angry: «Moldovka…».

The years went by, and the relationship of the villagers with Baranova did not improve. One was unpleasant its appearance. By age she more resembled a witch from the movies-fairy tales: hunchback, fingers quaint, gnarled, giving the detractors some food for whispers behind her back: «Look-look, moldovka satanic sign holds.»

Other frightened Babkina vision and ability to read the thoughts of others. Just thinking about her unflattering, as she already knows about it. Being in a good mood, he stopped the vending Blessed her and predicted his future, along the way, finding fault for something or warning. And it turned out that she knew about the person is confidential, he and mother did not trust native.

"Блаженная Валя" - неординарная знахарка, целительница и ясновидящая из ставропольского села

Sometimes Valya found a funny verse, and she allowed herself to make fun of your enemies. Sitting on a stump near the house, shouting in the street passing by the woman, «Dun, Dun, what are you doing Fig in the pocket seem, I’m Dun, see everything…». And Tweety, in fact Beregovaya from grandma’s witchcraft figs in his pocket, cursing and spitting, was in a hurry to leave. Well, how, pray tell, could be friends with such a person?

In 1946 there was a rumor that somewhere in Central Asia found at Baranova sister. And soon she came to Guguletu with her son. Whether went wrong with their relationship, or for some other reason, only found relatives attention Valentina Pavlovna is not spoiled. The next time the nephew went to the village after 13 years. In the 80-ies Valentina Pavlovna, with the hope that the nephew will not leave her old age, hut even bought him, but he to move to the aunt did not hurry.

Baranova for a long time she coped with his simple farm, and since 1972, to help her start odnoselchanka Praskovya Andreevna Svatosova, who later became her confidant. Baranov knew who to trust: Svatalova penny without permission and do not take to sharpen fritters dislikes. First, Praskovya Andreevna helped in gratitude for the cure, and then because it took Baranova money to build a house. Even having paid in full, she continued to help the old woman felt sorry for her.

It was in the village a few people, who good-naturedly treated Baranova, but not afraid of the old woman’s children. The others kept wary and spoke to her very rarely. However, Vale Baba and the villagers had enough work to do. From year to year the number of its clients increased. Healed came with other needs, behind them stretched their relatives, friends, colleagues. Not a day goes by when the house Baranova appeared modest «Moskvich» or chic «Volga», and then the bus «Ikarus».

She took some immediately, others after many tears and entreaties. There were those who drove, barely seeing, and if these people did not leave, Baranov turned to fury shouted spat, pulling up his shirt on his head. Patients were treated with charmed water. What treasons she whispered over the water, what are the signs traced in the air a cross, no one knew.

As fate predicted, looking into his eyes, and in rare cases used for divination cards. While Valentina Pavlovna was not averse to surprise people. Sometimes, only people have set foot on the threshold, and she already answers the question he ask and do not have time.

According to numerous eyewitnesses, Baranova very accurately described the past and present, predictions always came true. Newcomers spoke authoritatively and no objections are not tolerated.

«Most of all, she hated lies — told Svatalova. Immediately felt telling the truth or not. Those who tried to cheat her, chased away. In the big Church holidays and Sundays, refused to accept people. Sometimes, swearing, cursing, and then the feast will help.»

And thank Baranova was an eyesore from the local builders of communism, who repeatedly wrote to the district Committee and regional Committee denunciations. Once the check came to the Commission from rayzdravotdela, but bright-eyed old woman drove the physicians from the scandal. In order not to repeat such embarrassment, the government decided in the future to influence Baranov across the district. He was indignant: «Yes, I’m about a grandmother with a gun will stand!» but were going to spend explanatory work.

Each time repeated the same dialogue: «Valentina Pavlovna, honestly, I’m uncomfortable for you to say, and thank you again for your accepted». — «I, VAS, I will not, Yes, you do not pay attention to them». Once I fell ill at the local son, and he turned to Vale Baba. «Bring the boy, bring agreed readily that, and then, recollecting himself, he added: — Damn you, I forgot you’re on the post are not supposed to, well, let the wife quietly then.» Two days washed the boy enchanted with water, and all disease vanished.

In the mid-80s, when the winds blew out of adjustment and in society, there was interest in so-called alternative medicine, the grandmother was awarded the title of «folk healer». And began to it to be engraved in the students all sorts of clever. She drove out these «followers»: «it’s not taught? I had a vision of the Mother of God and it has blessed me. And do it without the will of the Almighty — a terrible sin…»

"Блаженная Валя" - неординарная знахарка, целительница и ясновидящая из ставропольского села

About the troubles and ills of those who spoke to her, Baba Valya never told. Only once Praskovya Andreevna showed excessive curiosity, but the woman immediately snapped: «Curious Varvara’s nose was torn off».

All who knew Baranov, with one voice testify that the payment for the treatment and prediction, she was not appointed and did not ask for. Brought — well, no — not necessary. Who gave a loaf of bread and 50 cents, and who is luxurious carpet and a large sum of money. There were rumors that gave her a lot of gold rings and earrings, jewelry only this one she has not seen. Two small rooms in her haenke was a warehouse of food and manufactured goods.

What is there just was not: a piece of cloth, shawls, crockery, perfumes, boxes of candy, cans of coffee, condensed milk, canned meat, homemade jams and pickles, bottles of vodka, champagne, expensive wines. All this accumulated over the years. Then the woman of Valais many it is necessary. She ate mostly vegetables and wore the same clothes.

And to give away — Oh how loved. Costive been. Somehow it took Praskovia Andreevna, a bottle of vodka. Baranov gave two days of silence, and the third strongly, in a voice that brooked no argument, said, «well, Praskovya, where the pitcher took, and put in there».

Few people know that regularly gave Baranov the money only for the Church, some gifts were sent to the convent. At the same time, Shvetsovoy attempts to persuade her to hand over the temple unnecessary carpet ran across a stubborn refusal to part with the dear thing.

Rumors about the wealth Baranova went not one year, but from time to time, no one dared to encroach on their line of capital. For the first time this happened in the summer of 1985. Home to Vale Baba was passing by the gardens, a man dressed in women’s clothes, with a black stocking on his head. Threatening with a knife, he demanded the woman’s money. The stranger had scared off the neighbor guys, who noticed him enter.

The second attack occurred in November 1986, two young men. They lived in Shpakovsky, had a criminal record. About Baranova and its treasure, one of the criminals learned from her fellow villager during his stay in prison. First, the robbers came to Guguletu to reconnoiter the situation. I went into the house to Vale Baba and started talking: say, one father is an alcoholic, not whether you take his grandmother to treat. But she said, «Not treated you arrived, and for me, I see it in your eyes» — and put the «good» fellows.

"Блаженная Валя" - неординарная знахарка, целительница и ясновидящая из ставропольского села

A day later in the night, gently pick the lock guys entered the house Baranova. A slightly strangled noise awakened the old woman, one of the guys warned her: if, say, someone will tell, let’s carve. And then, knocking the tire iron on the head, they dropped it on the floor. Under the quilt in front of the handkerchief found four thousand and were as follows.

Waking up after the departure of the bastards, Baba Valya, wiping her palm, the blood poured face, barely knelt before images. Crying, prayed to God and asked to punish the offenders. Apparently, the Lord heard pleas for the robbers ‘ car overturned at the entrance to the neighboring village…

A criminal case on the fact of assault on V. P. Baranov was entrusted to the investigator of the Current Sofia Bekbulatovna. Looking ahead, we say that in a short time the robbers were found, they were found guilty and each got what he deserved. Current, not just talked with Valentina Pavlovna, recalled:

«Baranov in his 90 years had an excellent memory and sound mind. It was very interesting to talk to. It was felt that Valentina Pavlovna received a good education and knew the best times. I immediately drew attention to the books that belonged to her. It was the Bible, service, herbalists, books on history, some textbooks, all pre-revolutionary editions.

When I praised the book, she said that she had them Packed the entire attic, and noticed that in one book she was offered 5 thousand rubles, but she will not sell it for any money. Money for it meant nothing, and the account she didn’t know.

At the first examination on the floor in a dirty handkerchief was found 9 thousand in hundred-ruble bills. Obviously, they also lay under the quilt, but the robbers did not notice them. When Valentina Pavlovna said about the discovery, she calmly waved his hand: «I didn’t know what they are».

In her room stood a large jar filled with coins 50 kopeks and ruble, so it is their money not considered. She prophesied future for me and my children. Eight years have passed, and everything goes predicted. And in the past talked like I wrote, she read. Unique ability she had.»

It is unknown what did you like about the Current Valentina Pavlovna, a respectful attitude, compassion Lee, the man she wanted and needed, and can be, smart, beautiful, energetic woman in a lot of survivors, seemed to her a worthy companion, only Sophia Bekbulatovna was the second after Shvetsovoy person Baranova opened, even for a moment, the veil of mystery enveloping her life.

«I, my child, much is given — told her Valentina Pavlovna. — I look at man and see: happy or not, he had it coming. Illness I’m nervous, female, skin, impotence. Only me who went, including a very noble people.

Some persecuting. So do not understand that I am not omnipotent. If you can’t do that, then do not presume… to hell with the fact that I was robbed, let them choke my goodness. Money I have a hundred such scum enough. Does money make people happy? I envy people afraid.

Don’t love me, I’m afraid, but some world to be the death ready. I see man through and through, so it is my cross to my Calvary. To whom I did wrong? You know that, something in me will die. My God, if they knew how much my fill-my share of misery and misfortune, humiliation and suffering!

Instead of pity a miserable, lonely, sick old woman, they hate me so much. Do you ever think I, a noble daughter who all lived and loved, that’s what I have to live…»

She rummaged through the papers lying on the table, and handed Current yellowed old photo. And she is a young beauty with her head held high, in a gorgeous dress, with stunning hair. In a chair next to an elderly man and woman — the parents of Baranova. Overwhelmed by the Current looks from the pictures on ugly poor old woman sitting next to him, then again at the beautiful woman in a ball gown and does not believe his eyes.

Valentina Pavlovna was born in 1895 in Stavropol in the family of wealthy parents. Father, she said, was a man known. She married to was not like. In 1918, the parents in front of her, shot by the Bolsheviks. In the civil war, was killed by her brothers and sisters. Presumably during the retreat of the white troops, it came under shelling; wounded and shell-shocked, her dug up from the ground. During the operation breast was amputated, broken fragments.

In 20-30 years it was the prison camps, was in exile.

«All my destroyed one, I survived, and I was judged only for the fact that I am a noble’s daughter, bitterly said Valentina Pavlovna, — and I lived for the wolf ticket without any rights. Then huddled in Guguletu, I thought, even though live here in peace, but, apparently, not destiny…»

Shortly before his death, Valentina Pavlovna made a will. Hut refused to nephew, property and money from passbooks (only 15 thousand) bequeathed Shvetsovoy with the condition that she was buried, put on the grave a white marble cross and will commemorate in the Church. Soon, Praskovya Andreevna died niece. Valentina Pavlovna said, «Now, she (niece) is still your take. One sick, the other healthy. Then she added: — I’m Not there, you will have big trouble».

«After some time, cried Svatosova, — my brother died, he was sick. I began to forget her words, as in 1991 killed my son. She knew what would happen to him, only pitied me, not told directly to not suffer, I do not live in dire anticipation. She felt when someone dies, it is feared.»

Valentina Pavlovna predicted his death. Current, seeing as the old woman goes barefoot on the frozen ground, I noticed that she gets a cold, Baba Valya smiled: «Darling, I will, I’m not afraid of death. I’m going to live long and tedious, and will kill me. Me God will not take away until, until I’m killed. And every day I’m waiting for a knife in the back». When in the village when the fire burned two boys, Baranova said: «my brothers, I too will burn».

March 1, 1988, Praskovya Andreevna, as always, coped on economy from Baranova. When was about to leave, Baba Valya stopped her: «Well, I’m going to leave you. Don’t come in tomorrow, I need to be. Come the day after tomorrow, but not in the morning and for lunch.» A goodbye softly and gently said: «Thank you for not leaving me…».

3 Mar Svatalova found in the kitchen of the house Baranova polyangiitis her corpse. On the neck of Baba Wali big gaping entrance wound. Killing the old woman, she was doused with gasoline and set on fire, hoping the fire will hide the traces of the crime. But due to lack of oxygen (the shutters and doors were closed) burned only the kitchen.

The investigation of the murder Baranova continues to this day (recall, this article was written in 1994). Because like anything was not stolen, the version about murder for the purposes of robbery has disappeared. According to one version, killed Baba Valya revenge, they say, annoy someone. In this firmly convinced the locals: «they got their Revenge. It is the people have brought much harm. Moldovka was and did not go to Church. A negative aura with patients stand not for themselves but for those who lived in the village. It is how many families broken, how many people made unhappy».

But no specific example, no one could. All on the level of rumors. Svatalova continued to stand his ground: «If they kill her out of revenge, slander. Didn’t do it to evil people. The cross and the prayer cure. And went to Church until the forces were, and really what the priest repented, God knows, only absolution she received. And her funeral service was as expected».

During the investigation someone hinted Shvetsovoj that would be nice money bequeathed to her Baranova, transfer to the orphanage. Then came Guguletu nephew Valentina Pavlovna and at once to Shvetsovoy: «Why is she such a dear cross, I’m building a cottage, I need the money».

Only Praskovya Andreyevna turned hard nut to crack and the money was not paid. A year and a half she went to Stavropol and had shortly before the price hike to put on the grave of Valentina Pavlovna white marble cross. The property Baranova, bequeathed to Shvetsovoy sacked nephew and neighbors of the deceased.

Friendship with a woman Valey costly Shvetsovoj. He accused her that she went to learn to conjure that he cut the woman’s throat and damaged her money. «God will judge them, he sees everything, and the blood of her murderers are cast, I know» — confidently said she…

Now in Stavropol traditional healers divorced a dime a dozen. They have the offices, the guards, the fee for all services. Only here people do not have faith in them. And Baba believed Valais.

And after her death everything came to Guguletu people. After learning about the death of Valentina Pavlovna, many cried…

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