A flying saucer near the moon captured on video

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«Летающую тарелку» возле Луны запечатлели на видео

Experts from the world’s largest UFO organization «MUFON» sent a mysterious videotape which depicted a dark disc-shaped object of large size, flying against the backdrop of Earth’s natural satellite.

The author of the video was a resident of the American city of Dearborn heights, Michigan. According to the man, he shot the camera a full moon, when he suddenly noticed a black UFO passing next to Selena on the way to the South. The witness is convinced that on the nearest celestial body is the base of an extraterrestrial civilization, where off is a mysterious space ship (see photo — the Moon like an enormous artificial alien base or device created by a previous highly advanced earthly civilization) .

«Летающую тарелку» возле Луны запечатлели на видео

The recording quickly spread in the English-speaking segment of the web, gathering thousands of comments. Some netizens agreed with the author that we are talking about aliens. Others felt that the reason artificial orbital satellite, weather balloon or even a bird, flying on the background of the moon. There were those commentators who have decided that the Moon in this video is not real, and in front of us skilled installation. Professional ufologists, scrupulously studied this material, do not hurry to draw any absolute conclusions, but I think that this is unlikely to be a hoax, moreover, that UFO near the moon and on the selenium removed permanently. So in this record there is nothing supernatural.

Video: Flying saucer near the moon captured on video

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