Do not pick up from the ground strange things

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Не подбирайте с земли чужие вещи

Probably, each person will be tempted to pick up lost someone money, and then the purse with bills, the decoration is especially valuable while on the ground sometimes you can see other things, say, a mirror, keys, comb, and so on .

Specialists in domestic magic, to which belongs, for example, Tatyana Govorova, does not suggest anything to knock out and even more to haul it to your house. That’s what the case describes Tatiana:

Muscovite Alexei Kopylov, once found on a country road (traveling to the country) a mask carved in the Board. Than she he liked, it is not clear, but he brought her to the cottage and hung on the wall. And from that moment his life began to happen one disaster after another, ranging from everyday injuries and illnesses to loved ones. Finally, like any of the blue started epilepsy in a beloved dog. And just when Alex realized the cause of these misfortunes and thrown out of the house mask, a black stripe in the life of his family immediately stopped. However, the dog could not be saved. And I must say, it is good that in their house it was over Pets, as a rule, the bulk of the negative energy take over, thereby saving owners.

Any thing on the road or in the entrance (still more dangerous, appeared at the front door of your home) can carry a loaded sorcerers negative energy on the destruction of man. Most often, such items are cleared the negative energy of a patient who turned to the magician for help. Black magician at that, well aware that he conveys all the diseases and problems your patient to someone who will pick up this thing, but in the world of magic there is no concept of good and evil, it is all worldly wisdom.

Не подбирайте с земли чужие вещи

Most often the person throws up money and jewelry, because by them very few people can dispassionately pass (pass, not need of fleeting weakness to take on a whole load of problems, diseases, and even mortal danger). Especially dangerous also, clocks, mirrors, crosses and keys. Of course, there may be other items to take even a wooden mask, which is said Tatiana Govorova, that is zaovalennymi on the misfortune, or simply bearing you troubles could be anything. For example, raising a pectoral cross, you just divide the karmic destiny with those who wore it before you. However, he is your problem not take.

Please note, clarify specialists everyday magic, the more you are drawn to pick up and take with you some object, the more dangerous it is for you. So the best way to combat this evil is to convince yourself once and for all: nothing will never pick up from the ground!

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