NASA continues to receive the mysterious signals from space

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НАСА продолжает получать таинственные сигналы из космоса

The question of the existence of extraterrestrial life forms and civilizations concerned humanity for centuries. Recently scientists close to unraveling the mystic of radio signals coming from deep space. The history of this scientific discovery began about ten years ago, when the FRB – a quick radiopacity signals – has puzzled scientists from the space Agency. These signals of different frequency and relative rarity. This fact does not allow you to connect the phenomenon with certain cosmic phenomena.

Was put forward many ideas, some of which seemed really fantastic. For many years scientists tried to identify the source of the signal, and it has recently been found. It turned out that the flash reaches us from the dwarf galaxy, which is at a distance of more than three billion light years from Earth. Thus, last years the signal is significantly intensified – if earlier it was recorded up to two times a year, now is accepted by virtually every few hours. The acceleration signal did not occur gradually, but abruptly, which virtually eliminates its natural origin.

Scientists are pretty sure that millisecond pulses of the signals of an artificial origin. It is impossible to believe, but most likely these pulses emits something that has an artificial nature. It should be understood that to overcome such a significant distance, radio waves took about three billion years. In other words, if earlier in the dwarf galaxy, and there was intelligent life, there is no guarantee that they are preserved to the present time. Until mankind has the technology to overcome such a distance, moreover, according to analysts, they will not appear the next century.

An open question remains the value of this signal, as well as its abrupt acceleration. Maybe it’s a request, greeting or message, whose relevance is still unknown. Whatever it was, now made a thorough analysis of this region using state of the art equipment and Green Bank telescope. Scientists hope that soon they will find the exact source of the signal and will be able to study its nature. To this end, developed a special algorithm using artificial intelligence. FRB is one of the most mysterious signals that have ever had humanity, so in any case can not leave without attention to its meaning and source.

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