Stephen Hawking said that was before the Big Bang (video)

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The famous physicist and science popularizer Stephen Hawking said that was before the Big Bang and the Universe..

Стивен Хокинг рассказал, что было до Большого взрыва (видео)

«Nothing existed,» said Hawking, referring to the General theory of relativity.

A British scientist said that space and time form a space-time continuum which deforms under the influence of mass and energy.

He also said that adheres to the Euclidean approach to quantum gravity.

«It’s normal, the real time is replaced by imaginary time behaves like a fourth direction of space. According to evklidovom approach, the history of the Universe in imaginary time is a curved surface in four dimensions — like the surface of the Earth,» — said Hawking.

According to him, they are with the American physicist James Chartlon formulated assumption about the lack of boundaries, according to which the boundary condition of the Universe is that it has no boundaries.

Thus, according to Hawking, the beginning of the Universe can be represented as the South pole of the Earth as the point at which apply the ordinary laws of physics.

«There is nothing South of the South pole, there was nothing before the Big Bang», concluded the physicist.

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