In the thrall of the mysterious intelligent beings, like dogs

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Nadia was barely 12 years old when she was walking in the forest and gathering mushrooms, got lost in the dense forest. In vain the girl tried to find the road leading to his native village, to her house. She soon realized that she would have to spend in the woods a long time before you can get to the parents. However, little Nadia didn’t know yet that she will experience in the future.

Desperate girl found under a tree cubby, made the earth with grass and lay down to rest. She was almost asleep when suddenly someone’s quiet, soft voice made her come to life.

В плену у таинственных разумных существ, похожих на собак

The girl was incredibly scared when she realized that her someone is watching. And the voice, meanwhile, spoke again: «Arise and come to me!». Nadia obeyed. She got up from his stretcher and rushed forward in the direction from whence came the voice.

One strange circumstance forced the girl to stop for a moment. At that moment it seemed to her that the voice goes directly into the brain. She didn’t hear sounds with their ears, and immediately perceived by the brain.

Meanwhile, the voice said, «you’re Here. Don’t be afraid of me. I’m not going to hurt you. I’m your friend!». At the same moment the girl saw from behind a tree appeared a mysterious creature. Nadia caught myself thinking that can not recognize him. A sudden hunch seemed to dart into his brain: it’s not human. In a moment the frightened girl was in a deep swoon.

When some time later the girl woke up, she saw that is located in a large cave and lying on a soft bed of straw. Some distance away she saw two beings, in appearance resembling animals. At first glance, the girl thought before her two dogs enormous size. But looking closer, she realized that she was wrong.

Giant dogs had a head and face resembling a monkey or human. Their front legs were connected by a thin layer of skin, which developed on the side of animals in a big fold, like a pocket. The girl thought it was wings. She later became convinced of the correctness of his guess. Humanoid dog really knew how to fly, though low and only a small distance.

In order to somehow calm the girl, animals talking to her. Nadia heard again the already familiar to her soft and calm voice: «don’t worry. We don’t make you evil. You’re going to live with us. We will consider you my daughter.» However, she saw that the dog will not open mouth when talking. Nevertheless the girl distinctly heard all the sounds and even understood everything that told her the owners of the mysterious cave.

A little later prisoner of the mysterious animals remembered that she didn’t have anything to say. Had only to think about something, as her foster parents already knew her and answered questions, also sending thoughts from your brain into the brain of a girl.

Nadia later learned that He and She (as he called the girl animals) are spouses. They have long lived in that cave, and he wished only one thing — they could not have children. Having lived with them for some time, Nadia realized that the mysterious animals were kind, sympathetic and compassionate beings. They raised the girl as if it was their own daughter. The only thing they didn’t allow it, is to think about the place where she was born, and to request that they let her go home.

The memories of the Hopes, her life was in the cave quite well. Only now the memories of home were constantly surfaced in her mind, making from time to time to glance in the forbidden direction, where, in her opinion, had to be village. A few attempts to get away from sentient animals have not yielded positive results.

Whenever Nadia only thought about the house as the dog sent her a telepathic signal, alerting you to follow after the escape punishment. Subsequently, a frightened little girl, it seemed, forever forgotten about their real parents and his native village.

But once from Him Nadia found out that She will have very soon to die. The girl looked at Her, but did not see on Her face the prints of the disease and signs of impending death. And because she didn’t believe Him and the fact that very soon she will be gone.

However, it happened. Two months later, after Nadia got a warning about the fatal event, She died. From that day He could not find a place for himself: that went from one end of the cave to another, then laid on the stones and howled at the moon. It seemed that everything in the world ceased to exist for Him and gone along with Her death.

One day He remembered Nadia and told her: «You should go to her. She so wanted. Go on a journey». The happy girl went to the direction where only two months ago, she was forbidden even to watch. It seemed that He followed her, pointing the right way. Two days later the girl went to the village where her parents lived and where she was for two long years.

Currently, Nadia (now all call her Nadine) lives with her own family. She has a husband and two children. The couple live in peace and harmony, as well as those strange creatures, which included little Nadia at the age of twelve. She says that since then has repeatedly called on It. However, He is silent and does not answer her calls.

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