The ghosts of dead actors love to walk in Hollywood

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«What the ordinary man calls death, I believe, is the beginning of life itself. We simply begin to live beyond our physical shell. We are released from its narrow confines, like from a cocoon a butterfly is born. Why call it death? PLI if we give this phenomenon the name “death”, why surround it with dark fears and frightening speculation? I’m not afraid of the unknown».

Rudolph Valentino

Living legends disappear with difficulty, and this applies particularly to the great idols of the screen. Memorial cemetery of Hollywood, which was recently renamed «Hollywood forever» («Hollywood Forever»), the oldest cemetery in the City of Tinsel. People claim that the ghosts show themselves very actively.

Призраки умерших актеров любят погулять по Голливуду

The cemetery is bordered by the Studio paramount, which, according to rumors, the ghosts of the immortal stars, Douglas Fairbanks and Rudolph Valentino. It’s not like they are content with the modest role of the visitors of those places where once rattled their glory.

Curiously, the ghosts don’t appear during the day, instead they wait for the pavilions decreasing loud noises, and the crew will start the preparation for the next day.

The most amazing incident happened one evening when the engineer fell from the counter lighting with a height of 20 feet. Apparently, from certain death saved him someone’s good spirit, which broke his fall. It seemed that for a few moments he froze in the air just a few inches from the floor, and then relatively safely landed on the floor in front of terrified colleagues.

Another time two prop suspected that their colleagues play after the chairs, which they carefully placed in the corner of the warehouse, has mysteriously reappeared in the center of the room. They decided to stay the night, hoping to catch the Joker, but in the night they to my horror I heard the creak and saw the furniture moved around the room by itself.

The next night they got together to once again observe the mysterious phenomenon, but that night nothing happened. Apparently, the spirits were pleased that they drew attention to themselves.

In the Studio, «CULVER city» carpenters whisper talking about a grey figure in a suit and tie and felt hat, which runs right past them and disappears through the door in the opposite wall. Judging by the description, it could be the restless spirit of the former owner of the Studio of Thomas ince, who famously created the Studio system of filming and appreciated the importance of the role of the Director.

He died under mysterious circumstances on the yacht of William Randolph Hearst in 1924. If you believe the gossip, insanely jealous newspaper magnate tried to shoot Charlie Chaplin, but by mistake shot hit in ince.

For a generation of fans of silent movies Rudolph Valentino was the epitome of the hero-lover. After his death at the age of 31, he became one of the most active ghosts of Hollywood. Say it elegantly glides through the rooms of his former mansion, which was called «Falcon», looks longingly at the street from a second floor window, and sometimes visits the horses in the stables.

Призраки умерших актеров любят погулять по Голливуду

Workers of the Studio «paramount» swore that they saw the «Sheikh» in the wardrobe, where he with delight looked at the stage costumes. Sometimes he also silently wanders Studio five, where he was working, which dreams of any man: he was seduced by beautiful Actresses, for which he was paid the fabulous price.

Interestingly, his fans are equally permanent. On his grave in the cemetery, «Hollywood forever» often comes the Ghost of a woman in a veil, which, apparently, was its loyal fan.

Not without ghosts and in the Studio «universal». It was in the original silent version of phantom of the Opera (1925) with the legendary LON Chaney in the title role. His Ghost in a billowing cloak still see the stage and the stage. Cheney, who died in 1930, was known as «the man of a thousand faces» because of his almost supernatural ability to evolve — with the help of makeup or acting — and become a horrible, ugly characters.

They say that the actor George Reeves, who starred in the original version of «Superman» for three days before the wedding was shot at his home in Beverly hills in 1959. Perhaps he could not accept the fact that he always offered the same type roles. However, his friends and family believe that the actor was murdered. Some visitors to his house reported that they have seen the Ghost of Reeves in the Superman costume.

Призраки умерших актеров любят погулять по Голливуду

Another mysterious murder or suicide has occurred with Thelma Todd, which starred the stars of silent comedies Lorelai and hardy, and Buster Keaton. She managed to make the transition to sound films, but in 1935 the actress body found in garage of her cafe, which was located on the coast, near Malibu.

The police suspected suicide, but all around there were stains of blood, who never found an explanation. The current owners claim that they several times saw the Ghost of an actress around the house, and empty the garage smelled of exhaust.

They say that a lot of ghosts dwell in the theater of «Vogue» on Hollywood Boulevard. There comes a projectionist who died in the projection booth, and technical engineer. On this spot once stood the school «Prospect elementari», which burned down during a fire. Now in the theatre the ghosts of a schoolteacher and her students who died during this accident.

The building is very often used as a Studio for broadcasting, but there were so many examples when, for unknown reasons, there was a stopped working electrical equipment, a television company no longer wished to rent a room.

The Roosevelt hotel in Hollywood, which has become a second home for many stars, is also famous for its resident ghosts. Guests often complained about the play clarinet in the early morning, however in response they were told that this is just the Ghost of star Montgomery Clift, who lived at the hotel during the filming of «Now and forever».

Призраки умерших актеров любят погулять по Голливуду

He was forced to learn to play the clarinet, to get the role, for which he was a third time nominated for best actor Academy award. Even then, guests complained about the early hours that he chose for his lessons, however, they continue to complain and after his death.

The story of a mirror that had stood in the place of honor in the room where Marilyn Monroe, also sounds pretty creepy. The maid did a terrible shock when a long time after the death of Marilyn she saw in the mirror the face of the actress.

The hotel was forced to remove this item from the room and hang it in the lobby of the hotel. However, if someone offers the place to look in the mirror, it re-appeared the Ghost of a dead actress. Since then the mirror became known as «the window in other world».

Some of the ghosts so loved the good life, after death, prefer not to waste time weeping and wailing. Writer, Director and reveler Orson Welles continues to enjoy brandy and cigars, sitting at his favorite table in the restaurant «Sweet lady Jane» in Hollywood. Guests who dine at this table often complain about the smell of cigars, but the Maitre d ‘ refused to pay them compensation.

Призраки умерших актеров любят погулять по Голливуду

They say that the actor Hugh Grant I heard a woman crying in a luxurious apartment in Colonial house in Los Angeles, where usually lived Bette Davis.

Also argue that the other great actress of Comedy Lucille ball sometimes appears at his home on North Roxbury Drive, No. 100. In her old house, someone smashed the window glass, furniture moved by itself, and in the house often heard someone shouting. If the new owners still didn’t call the Ghostbusters, maybe they should seriously think about it.

The star of the movie «Ghostbusters» Dan Aykroyd on the big screen seemed like a fearless hero, but he admits that in real life, he was horrified to find in your bed the Ghost of «Mama» Cass Elliot, which in the 1960-ies was the lead singer of the band «mamas and Papas».

«The Ghost is definitely dropping in my house. Once he even crawled into my bed. I rolled over and bumped into some creature, but then I fell asleep again. Also includes the Ghost of my trainer, driven by jewellery on the dressing table. I’m sure it’s «Mama» Cass because the feeling is the Ghost of a large man.»

Someone might imagine that celebrities enjoy the harmony and solitude behind the walls of their luxurious mansions. However, the life of the actress Elki Sommer and her husband Joe Hyams in a new home turned into a nightmare, who could argue with the film «Horror Amityville». Several times the couple and their guests have seen the Ghost of an elderly man in a white suit, who was walking through the rooms.

The pair has repeatedly been forced to flee from the room due to the suffocating smell of smoke, which suddenly and quite inexplicably, could occur at any time of the day or night.

Workers from the fire Department several times carefully researched luxury property, and they paid special attention to the attic where the fire started, but they are unable to find the cause of the fire, for example, damaged wiring. They also wondered how the fire could have spread in that part of the house, because there were no flammable materials.

Dissatisfied with the results of the pair appealed for help in the American society of psychological research, which has recorded a number of anomalous incidents, however failed to pacify the spirits. In the end Sommer and Hyams was forced to sell his dream home before he burned them, burying them inside. Later the house was sold 15 times, and many owners lived in it less than a year.

Sharon Tate

Призраки умерших актеров любят погулять по Голливуду

One evening, it was in the 1960-ies, the deceased Sharon Tate, actress and wife of film Director Roman Polanski, was held, apparently, the most terrible encounter with the ghosts. Tate was in his bedroom when there came a Ghost «vile men,» as she described it later, it seemed, began to look for something there.

She recognized him as the former owner of the house, Paul Bern, theatrical agent, who shot himself upstairs in the bathroom, after the collapse of his marriage to actress Jean Harlow. When Tate ran out of the room, near the stairs, her eyes appeared a second Ghost. It was the Ghost of a woman with her throat cut.

Tate screams were heard throughout the house, because the woman she recognized herself. Shortly afterwards, the house was disgusting ritual murder: the members of the so-called «Manson Family» tied Tate to the stairs and slit her throat (just on the body Tate was discovered 16 stab wounds).

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