Armada of glowing UFOs over the Atlantic identified

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Armada of glowing UFOs over the Atlantic identified. NASA experts explained that the strange lights were photographed from space. Clusters of luminous objects seen on satellite images, of which NASA made a map of the night Earth. The objects were in the middle of the Atlantic ocean where there was nothing. Lights — hundreds of them. They changed the location, some disappear, others suddenly appeared. In short, behaved like a UFO.

Армада светящихся НЛО над Атлантикой опознанаWhat could glow? Disappear and reappear? These questions haunted the millions of lovers of paranormal for more than a year since been established as the map. Was in the lead, of course, two hypotheses: either the lights belong to the «flying saucers» aliens, who for some reason flocked to a deserted area of the ocean as if for a meeting — away from human eyes. Either lit up again, the aliens, who have under water base. After all, the evidence that UFOs fly from the middle of the ocean and hiding there, filled with the history of UFOlogy.

Less hot heads thought that the lens came some glowing organisms like plankton. Or jellyfish. But it is very they were large for living beings.

No one guessed. The correct answer recently came from NASA. As explained by specialists from space photographed fishing vessels that have fished for squid on the shelf near Argentina and the Falkland Islands. And these cephalopods are caught with the help of powerful lamps. The light spot from the bright spotlights aimed at the water, and hit the lens.

It is not surprising that the court move. As well as «disappear and reappear». They are either putting out fires or light them. This is evident in successive photographs, which

NASA did a few days in a row. Experts emphasize that a lot of lights, and a huge number of fishermen. Argentine squid (Illex Argentinus) is a massive field.

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