On the maps Google found odd balls

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One of the wearer’s popular map service «Google Maps» argues that we have recently discussed panoramic shots and suddenly noticed one of them downright «alien design» in the sky. According to the woman in the clouds was captured three huge steel globe. Mysterious image caught by the camera car Google near Ben Nevis in the Scottish highland.

На картах «Google» нашли странные шары

The author finds convinced that the picture has got air the court the representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. Surprisingly, nobody noticed them on the panorama before and the photographer not bragged about what they saw to journalists (or did not notice as much in this case, is removed in automatic mode). Many commentators on the world wide web decided that nothing supernatural is not here. Say, the panoramas of Google Maps often appear the overlay errors, which may be taken unprepared by a strange anomaly.

Anyway, the mysterious managed to fly many foreign sites devoted to UFOlogy and the paranormal. Someone even claims that it could not be the ships ‘green men’, and a pair of giant monsters like Godzilla, walking around the corner (this is really happening, have a look the video below). Some people have attributed all this bizarre cloud formations that can even scare people, and it is possible that deliberately (in this world everything has its own consciousness). And someone just laughed at all these, considering that the reason any chemical emissions in the sky (in our technological age solid chemistry can be expected anything). It is worth noting that the imagination works equally well as supporters of supernatural theories, who look everywhere, mysticism, and the skeptics who are used to find all rational explanation. Sorry, we have no when do find out what it is really…

Video: the maps Google found odd balls


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