«Prayer three times helped me find missing things»

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Three years ago, walking in the woods, I had lost the smartphone. Not buttoned up till the end purse, touched somewhere it is a branch, so he dropped out. Discovered the loss, when I wanted to call my husband.

"Молитвы трижды помогли мне найти пропавшие вещи"

Of course, I was very upset. Returned to his house, asked the neighbors cell phone and went to look for your smartphone at the sound of a bell. Went about the same way. It was the fall, under his feet there was a lot of fallen leaves. I kept calling, but the ringtone in response not heard.

And then I sort of instinctively began to recite the prayer. At the same moment came the sound of a familiar tune. So among the autumn foliage still found your smartphone! And in a completely unexpected place. He lay near the Bush where I did not pass, and was completely covered with fallen leaves.

Another time I went to the woods for mushrooms and also gathered twigs, stems and leaves for floral arrangements. In one of the clearings where the grass was above my knees, I dropped the knife and immediately discovered the loss (he was in a basket with mushrooms and apparently slipped). I searched and searched — it is useless: the grass is high, it is difficult to find.

After a few days, again close to the garden, I was collecting mushrooms in the forest. The smartphone was put in a jacket pocket. Usually took with him a small shoulder bag where it laid. And that time for some reason decided not to take. Went-went, and then decided to photograph the beautiful landscape and found that smartphone again.

This time he slipped through a hole in my pocket, which I didn’t. Where to look? When he fell? Around fallen trees, grass… Tried to go to the former places, where there is forest and forest…

Burst into tears — all the contacts, photos lost, not to mention the smartphone. Began to pray with tears in his eyes…

And, lo and behold! At this moment it’s my daughter, and I can hear the melody quite far away. It is good that the daughter was calling persistently and for a long time — I found my smartphone! Apparently, it was lost not so long ago, or I was circling the same places!

It’s necessary to find a small object among the tree branches and autumn leaves is like finding a needle in a haystack! Smartphone was lying under the sheets, and I never would have found it if I didn’t call. And even coming here with a different phone, I would this place is never found. Besides, in wet ground, the smartphone would have already died.

I decided since today is such a amazing day, go to the place where he lost the knife. It was quite far but the place I remember. Come — of course, found nothing.

Read the prayer. And here he is, flashed through the thick branches lying on the ground! In fact, I had hoped that in Sunny weather, the metal will flash and I notice this Shine.

In General, I returned home with my finds and full of confidence — miracles do happen! I hope you found a needle in a haystack. And helped me with this higher power when I asked for help.

Irina BURLAKOVA, Kazan, the magazine of «True stories», No. 23, 2017

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